Massive Cash Haul of Rs 17.32 Crore Seized by ED from Businessman in Kolkata in Connection with Gaming App Fraud

Massive Cash Haul

Six sites in Kolkata are being searched by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), which is looking into a possible case of fraud involving mobile gaming software.

On Saturday, an ED team raided the offices of businessman Aamir Khan in Kolkata’s Garden Reach neighborhood with the help of bank officials. There have been seizures totaling Rs 17.32 crore thus far, and counting is still ongoing.

Details about the Massive Cash Haul of Rs 17.32 Crore Seized by ED from Businessman in Kolkata:

Cash counting devices were brought in to determine the precise amount of cash recovered while the operation was still in progress. The businessman’s home was visited by several trunks with the seized funds.

In the wake of the ED raid at the businessman’s home, central forces have increased their presence in the region.

Aamir Khan and other people were suspected of scamming users of the mobile game software E-Nuggets, and Federal Bank officials filed a complaint against them under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

“The wallet balance could be easily withdrawn during the initial period, and users received commission rewards. Users started investing larger sums for higher percentages of commission and a greater number of purchase orders as a result of the initial confidence this gave them “said a press release by the ED.

The ED described the alleged fraudsters’ method of operation as follows: “Furthermore, the withdrawal from the abovementioned App was abruptly stopped under various pretexts, such as system upgrades, LEA investigations, etc., after receiving a sizable donation from the public.

The users only realized the ruse after all data, including profile information, was deleted from the aforementioned App servers.”

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