Mysterious large ball on Japan’s coast causes concern as its a Dragon Ball, UFO, or buoy

Mysterious large ball on Japan's coast

Another balloon-like object has been discovered in Japan, but this time it is not in the sky. A enormous rusted iron ball washed up on the seashore of Hamamatsu, Japan, perplexing the entire country. At a time when Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are making headlines, an unidentified washed ashore object has sparked worry.

In-depth details about the Mysterious large ball on Japan’s coast causes concern as its a Dragon Ball, UFO, or buoy

A balloon-like iron ball washed ashore on the Enshu beach off the Pacific coast of Japan’s Hamamatsu city last week, sparking rumours that it was another’spy’ balloon, UFO, or ‘Dragon ball’.

According to a Guardian story, the officials stated that they had no idea what the 1.5-metre-diameter sphere was.

It was initially thought to be a stray mine. But, when the professionals examined it with an X-ray, they discovered that it was hollow.

The area was sealed off, and explosive experts were dispatched to look into the mysterious ball. Yet, according to sources, no one knows what the ball is or where it came from.

Photos of the ball are said to have been transmitted to Japanese defence experts for further study.

According to a person who frequents the beach, the ball has been there for about a month.

It’s been there for a month,” he told NHK, Japan’s state TV. “I pushed it, but it wouldn’t budge.”

Some speculated that the object resembled a prop from the popular anime series Dragon Ball, while others thought it was a UFO that had fallen from the sky.

The ball has two raised handles that indicate it can be hooked onto something else. This has prompted some to conclude that the anchor was lost by a moored floating object.

Japan said on February 14 that it “seriously thinks” three Chinese spy balloons infiltrated its airspace between 2019 and 2021.

This came just days after the US revealed that the Chinese balloon spotted in its airspace on 28 January, which China claimed was just a weather balloon, was actually part of a larger spy programme run by China’s People’s Liberation Army that was used to gather information about military assets from other countries, including Japan.

According to the US, the’spy’ balloon was shot down by the US air force on February 4th.

The US has shot down at least four UFOs in recent weeks, albeit three of them were later discovered to be unrelated to any surveillance scheme.

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