Ola and Uber shutting services in Indian Cities after drivers protest

Ola and Uber shutting services in Indian Cities after drivers protest

Uber and Ola ride-hailing services will be suspended in Guwahati, Assam, on February 1. All Assam Cab Mazdoor Sangha and All Guwahati Bike and Taxi Union made the decision to close the cab and bike services. The two associations decided to end the services due to the constant harassing of cab drivers by cab aggregators.

A brief about Ola and Uber shutting services in Indian Cities after drivers protest

The associations claim in a press conference that the companies providing these cab services have been misleading and exploiting the drivers for a long time.

“In 2015, Ola and Uber began operations in Assam. They provided us with excellent incentives within the first year. However, they later began harassing cab drivers. They began taking 40-60% of the commission from cab drivers per trip. This is not acceptable “Jyotish Deka, general secretary of the All Assam Cab Mazdoor Sangha, stated in a report by The Meghalayan.

“They are also stealing our dynamic price. Nothing is left for us if we pay such a commission. We work 18-20 hours per day. We must make payments to banks and finance companies for auto loans while also supporting our families “Deka went on to say more.

According to an Assam Tribune report, approximately 18,000 cabs are currently operating on the roads as part of the Uber and Ola cab services. Furthermore, the bike taxi operator union is shutting down Rapido’s bike taxi aggregator service on February 1. Following the call to discontinue, more than 16,000 Rabido bike services will be closed.

Despite the demonstrations, cab and bike drivers have requested the government to create a new app so that they can continue to operate. In the meanwhile, the two local taxi companies, Pei India and AM2, will continue to provide ride-hailing services.

Rapido’s services were previously prohibited by the Maharashtra government. The Bombay High Court ordered the bike-taxi aggregator’s operations in Maharashtra to be halted due to failure to disclose critical information, including the lack of a licence to operate. The company also agreed to suspend services such as 2-wheeler passenger and parcel delivery and auto service. The prohibition was in effect until January 20th.

The cab and bike services provided by Ola and Uber have undoubtedly provided employment and convenience to many drivers. However, many drivers have complained in recent years about the company’s terms and conditions. For example, if customers pay through the company’s app wallet, drivers must wait for their money. As a result, these cab, taxi, or bike drivers frequently request that people pay them directly in cash or via their UPI ID.

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