On the 77th anniversary of Independence Day, PM Modi presents an ambitious economic vision

On the 77th anniversary of Independence Day, PM Modi presents an ambitious economic vision

In his address to the nation from Red Fort on the occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid out a bold vision for the country’s economic development and social advancement.

A brief about on the 77th anniversary of Independence Day, PM Modi presents an ambitious economic vision

PM Modi reaffirmed unshakeable faith in the potential of the country and pledged to push India into the top three economies of the world within the next five years.

He emphasized the great advancements India has made on the international stage and said, “Our drive to reform, perform, and transform is altering our nation.

He emphasized how, thanks to the combined efforts of 140 crore Indians, the nation has improved its economic standing, moving up from 10th to fifth place since his administration took office in 2014.

Regarding the importance of technology and innovation, PM Modi lauded the start-up industries in particular for the growing influence of people from tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

He pointed out that India is entering a new age of global significance thanks to its technological capabilities. He praised India’s special quality of trust in the nation’s leadership and its bright future.

Women-led development received a resounding affirmation from the prime minister throughout his speech. He emphasized the outstanding accomplishments of Indian women, from flying in the civil aviation industry to leading important scientific missions like Chandrayaan.

PM Modi emphasized that the advancement of women in India is being valued and recognized by the world community, including the G20 nations.

India will be hosting the forthcoming G20 Summit, and PM Modi expressed delight in presenting the country’s array of skills and qualities. He advised his fellow countrymen to seize the chances that are yet ahead because everyone agrees that India has great potential, including international experts and rating organizations.

The “Vishwakarma Yojana,” a program to aid employees with traditional talents, was also announced by PM Modi. To support this initiative, the government has set aside a sizeable budget of Rs 13,000–15,000 crore, demonstrating the administration’s dedication to supporting the grassroots labor.

On the economic front, PM Modi spoke about inflation and emphasized how well-controlled it is in India. But he emphasized the need for additional steps to lessen the impact of inflation on citizens. He gave the people of the country his word that sustained efforts would be taken to improve economic stability.

PM Modi reaffirmed his commitment to leading India on a trajectory of growth, innovation, and inclusive progress as his speech came to a close.

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