Online Retailer Company Meesho in Bengaluru has announced an 11-day employee vacation

an 11-day employee vacation

Online retailer Meesho has once again announced an 11-day companywide “Reset and Recharge vacation” in an effort to prioritize the mental wellness of its staff. After the holiday season, from October 22 to November 1, the break will begin.

A brief about Online Retailer Company Meesho in Bengaluru has announced an 11-day employee vacation:

The statement was made on Twitter by Sanjeev Barnwal, the founder and CTO of Meesho. “For the second year in a row, we’ve announced an 11-day break for the entire organization! From October 22 to November 1, Meeshoites will take some much-needed time off to Reset & Recharge in light of the forthcoming holiday season and the importance of work-life balance ” 

Meesho responded to Aatrey’s post in a tweet by saying: “a yearly vacation right in the thick of the holiday season. This is how we operate.”

The “boundaryless” workplace paradigm, indefinite wellness leave, 30-week gender-neutral parental leave, and 30-day gender reassignment leave were all previously stated by Meesho.

Meesho declared in February of this year that it will always permit all of its workers to work remotely from their homes, offices, or other locations of their choosing. More than 1,700 present corporate employees are affected by this.

“We arrived at this innovative boundaryless method after researching several potential work patterns. Future talent from around the world will have the chance to create for Bharat with Meesho thanks to this “Ashish Kumar Singh, the company’s chief human resources officer, stated in a release.

Meesho was first established in 2015 by IIT Delhi graduates Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal as a social commerce company that links manufacturers with distributors who then sell the goods to customers via social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp.

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