Pink WhatsApp: Don’t click on this link because there are more and more WhatsApp scams; you’ll lose money

Pink WhatsApp: Don't click on this link because there are more and more WhatsApp scams

Scams and bogus news have long been prevalent on WhatsApp. With millions of active users, the app is one of the most used in the nation and is owned by Meta. However, because of its popularity, fraudsters can easily use it as a target to disseminate their deception. Recently, a new WhatsApp message that contains a link to download “Pink WhatsApp” has become very popular. Scammers are enticing individuals to download the app and acquire a new version of WhatsApp with additional features by providing them this link.

A brief about Pink WhatsApp: Don’t click on this link because there are more and more WhatsApp scams; you’ll lose money

The Mumbai Police has released a public alert over a popular WhatsApp message known as “Pink WhatsApp.” The officials have warned the public about this brand-new platform fraud and encouraged them not to click on the link or download the app in their advisory.

“The rumour that ‘New Pink Look WhatsApp with extra features’ is currently making the rounds among WhatsApp users is a hoax that could result in the harmful software hacking of your mobile device. It happens frequently that scammers devise new strategies and tactics to mislead trusting consumers into falling for their traps and committing online fraud. The alert advises users to be Aware, Alert, and Attentive to these types of frauds in order to be safe and secure in the digital environment.

The Mumbai Police have reported that a false message is making the rounds on WhatsApp. The notification asserts to offer an upgrade that would alter the platform’s logo’s hue. It also promises to provide fresh features to improve the WhatsApp user experience.

The link is a phishing one, according to the police, and if it is clicked, would either attack the user’s phone and steal personal data or grant the con artist remote access to the device.

The police go on to explain how WhatsApp users might avoid being duped by the widely spread Pink WhatsApp scam.

If you have already downloaded the false app to your phone, remove it right away. Go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp (pink logo) and uninstall it there to remove it.

Always use caution when clicking on links that you obtain from unreliable sources, unless you have already confirmed their legitimacy.

Only download or update apps from reputable sources, the official Google Play Store, iOS App Store, etc.

Never share links or messages with others without first properly authenticating or verifying them.

Do not provide your login credentials, passwords, credit or debit card information, or any other personal or financial information with anyone online since it could be used fraudulently.

Keep up with the most recent news and updates to stay aware about the actions of cybercriminals and attentive about avoiding their attempts at fraud.

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