Pink WhatsApp Scam Alert from Odisha Police

Pink WhatsApp Scam Alert from Odisha Police

Police in Odisha have advised the people to ignore any “WhatsApp Pink” links they receive on their numbers.

A brief about Pink WhatsApp Scam Alert from Odisha Police

The public has been urged by law enforcement officials to exercise caution and avoid falling victim to frauds. According to a tweet from the Odisha Police, people should avoid clicking the link or downloading the phishing program.

“Beware! Pink WhatsApp is a new ruse used by online scammers. Don’t open any links that are sent to your mobile device and ask you to upgrade your WhatsApp if you don’t want to. Your phone will be hacked by clicking the link, and there’s a chance that scammers may get access to your private information, according to a tweet from the Odisha police.

A brand’s legitimacy and dependability can be demonstrated by the official green checkmark issued by WhatsApp itself, known as the “green tick.”

Using a message that falsely promises a logo color update and announces new features, the pink WhatsApp scam preys on victims.

Users run the danger of suffering negative effects if they click the Pink WhatsApp link. These dangers include financial loss, identity theft, spam attacks, unauthorized access to contact information and saved images, and even total loss of control over mobile devices.

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