PM Modi receives appreciation from Russian President Putin for his “independent foreign policy”

PM Modi receives appreciation from Russian President Putin

According to President Vladimir Putin, who congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for pursuing an “independent foreign policy” in the best interests of his nation, Russia and India have unique connections and have always backed one another.

A brief about PM Modi receives appreciation from Russian President Putin for his “independent foreign policy”

Putin made his comments on Thursday during a plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club, a Moscow-based think group.

He claimed that military and technical cooperation between Russia and India is still going strong.

Special links that have existed between us and India for many years constitute the basis of these ties. Putin was reported by the Russian state media, RT, as stating, “We never had any lingering concerns with India, we have always supported each other, and I’m certain that’s how it will continue in the future as well.”

More than a month had passed since Putin and Prime Minister Modi’s meeting in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, outside of the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, during which Modi informed Putin that the current era is not one of war.

India has not yet denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has insisted that diplomacy and communication are the only ways to find a solution to the problem.

According to Putin, PM Modi is one of the few persons in the world who can pursue a separate foreign policy in the service of his nation and its citizens without interference.

India has gotten a lot of its military equipment from Russia. Despite a warning from the US that moving forward with the transaction would result in sanctions under the terms of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), India signed a USD 5 billion agreement with Russia in October 2018 to purchase five S-400 air defense missile systems.

According to Putin, India has experienced remarkable development from its time as a British colonial to the present, and this has produced important outcomes for the nation’s almost 1.5 billion citizens.

“Everyone in the world has regard for it (India). Recent years have seen a lot of progress made thanks to PM Modi’s leadership. He truly loves his nation and is a patriot. And his “Make in India” initiative represents a significant effort. India’s development has indeed advanced. According to the Russian Embassy in India’s translation of Putin’s statements, the country has a bright future ahead of it.

According to Putin, (India) is not only the world’s largest democracy in the truest meaning of the word, but it should also take pride in its growth rate because it forms the cornerstone of its development and advancement.

The Russian leader stated that Delhi and Moscow’s economic cooperation is also expanding.

Prime Minister Modi requested that I enhance fertilizer supplies, which are essential for Indian agriculture, and we have complied with his request, the prime minister said, adding that the shipments had grown 7.6 times without providing further information.

According to Putin, nations like India not only have a bright future ahead of them but will also play a larger part in determining international policy.

Prior to S Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, visiting Moscow on November 8, he made these remarks.

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