PM Rishi Sunak said the IndiGo-Airbus deal is a significant victory for UK aerospace

PM Rishi Sunak said the IndiGo-Airbus deal is a significant victory for UK aerospace

In response to IndiGo’s definite purchase for 500 narrow-body aircraft from Airbus, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated on Tuesday that the deal was a significant victory for the aerospace industry.

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The UK Prime Minister stated on Twitter that “Airbus’s deal with IndiGo will be worth billions to the UK and support thousands of jobs across the country — helping to grow the economy.”

One of the greatest aircraft purchases by an airline in the history of civil aviation occurred on Monday when IndiGo placed a definite agreement to buy 500 narrow-body aircraft from Airbus.

Less than five months after Air India placed orders with Airbus and Boeing for 470 aircraft, a multibillion dollar deal was reached.

The most recent order placed by IndiGo with Airbus is the largest ever made by a carrier.

At the Paris Air Show 2023, the airline and Airbus inked the contract for the purchase of the aircraft.

IndiGo tweeted in response to Sunak’s remark, “Our relationship with @Airbus will undoubtedly further promote growth in the aerospace sector and collectively this will assist create prosperity through more travel and trade. I appreciate your help.

According to a release from the airline, the most recent order will provide IndiGo access to an additional constant stream of deliveries between 2030 and 2035.

At the moment, IndiGo runs more than 300 aircraft. It still hasn’t received 480 of the planes it had previously ordered.

Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia praised the IndiGo-Airbus agreement on Tuesday, saying it marked another milestone for India in the civil aviation industry.

This historic deal was made shortly after Air India ordered 470 aircraft, of which 250 were made by Airbus and 220 by Boeing. With this largest-ever documented order by a carrier with any aircraft manufacturer in the world, India has achieved a new milestone, according to Scindia.

According to the minister of civil aviation, every dollar invested in the industry has a “multiplier effect” and generates three times as much growth.

“It’s also crucial to comprehend the direct and indirect multiplier effects of civil aviation, which result in 3.1 dollars of new growth and multiplied employment for every dollar spent in this sector. According to him, civil aviation creates 6.1 direct jobs for every one that occurs indirectly.

“The airline industry has grown by 75% since 2014, when there were 400 aircraft in its fleet. Numerous national carriers, regional carriers, and many others have come into existence. However, we have also seen orders being placed by India’s top carriers that are larger than the country’s whole fleet, according to Scindia.

“While we look at expanding the fleet over the next seven to 10 years, we are also looking at expanding our infrastructure footprints,” the executive continued.

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