President Vladimir Putin Says Russia Wants To End Ukraine War, “The Sooner, The Better”

President Vladimir Putin Says Russia Wants To End Ukraine War

The Kremlin said that Kiev and Washington ignored its concerns and that the US was using Ukraine as a theatre of war to harm Russia. It happened as President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia wanted to put an end to the conflict quickly.

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“To put a stop to this conflict is our aim. We work toward this “, he informed the press. “We will work to ensure that everything comes to an end, and the sooner the better.”

“Every dispute is resolved, in some way, by dialogue… The sooner our foes (in Kiev) realize that the better “added Putin.

According to the military chief in Moscow, Russian forces are now focused on seizing the eastern part of the Donetsk area, where the damaged city of Bakhmut has turned into a hotbed of conflict.

Moscow authorities have stated time and time again in recent months that discussions with Ukraine have not been completely ruled out.

They attributed President Zelensky, who has declared he will not engage in negotiations while Putin is in power, to the shutdown of diplomatic lines.

The president of Ukraine has just returned from a historic trip to Washington, where he reminded Congress that supporting his nation was an investment in global security and that it was “alive and kicking.”

On the rapid journey, he received a hero’s welcome after US President Joe Biden committed over $1.8 billion in military supplies, including, for the first time, the Patriot missile defense system.

Putin cautioned that this might prolong the fight, saying: “Those who confront our claim that this is a defensive weapon… There will always be a cure.”

“The folks who are doing this are wasting their time. It’s only extending the conflict, that’s all “He stated to reporters.

Earlier, the Kremlin said Biden and Zelensky were not listening to “Russia’s worries”.

“There was no meaningful cry for peace, and not a single word was heard warning Zelensky against the continuous bombardment of residential buildings in cities and villages in Donbas,” spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said.

“This implies that the United States is de facto conducting an indirect war with Russia to the last Ukrainian,” he added.

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