Ritesh Agarwal, the Founder of OYO invites PM Modi to his wedding

the Founder of OYO invites PM Modi to his wedding

OYO founder and CEO Ritesh Agarwal met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend an invitation to his wedding. OYO is supported by Softbank. The 29-year-old entrepreneur was accompanied by his mother. He is getting married in March of this year.

In-depth details about Ritesh Agarwal, the Founder of OYO invites PM Modi to his wedding 

Ritesh Agarwal posted photos of his visit with the PM on social media, saying that it had given his mother hope to see him. He described it as a fresh start and said he is speechless in the face of Prime Minister Modi’s kindness.

“My mother, who is inspired by his vision for women empowerment & Geet, from Express (Uttar) Pradesh, were heartened to meet him. Thank you for sparing your valuable time & for your good wishes. Committed to enabling the growth of tourism and entrepreneurship in India across Rayagada, Gir, Ladakh, Rameswaram, Meghalaya and more!,” tweeted by him.

The entrepreneur, who is currently one of the nation’s youngest billionaires, will host a banquet for his wedding at an opulent 5-star hotel in Delhi.

Agarwal moved to Delhi in 2011 to study college after being born into a Marwari family in the state of Odisha. He chose to leave school, nevertheless, after just two years in order to seek other options.

The Thiel Fellowship program, which provides young entrepreneurs with a $100,000 stipend to aid in the start of their firms, eventually accepted him. One of the recipients of the fellowship was Agarwal, who used the funding to launch OYO in May 2013.

Agarwal has garnered multiple honors for his entrepreneurial accomplishments, including the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list and the Business World Young Entrepreneur Award.

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