Selena Gomez says that because of her treatment for bipolar disorder, she might never become pregnant

Selena Gomez says that because of her treatment for bipolar disorder

The publication of Selena Gomez’s documentary, My Mind & Me, has sparked a flurry of reactions from fans. The actress recently discussed her battle with bipolar disorder in an interview, admitting that the meds may prevent her from ever being able to have children.

Selena, who was given a bipolar disorder diagnosis in 2020, said to Rolling Stone that she made an effort to “friend” the condition despite being aware of the negative consequences it would have on her aspirations to one day become a mother.

Details about Selena Gomez say that because of her treatment for bipolar disorder, she might never become pregnant:

That is a really significant current event in my life. It was the time when she visited a friend who was trying to get pregnant, and she recalled how she cried in her car after their visit because the two medications she takes for her bipolar disorder might make it unlikely for her to carry her own children, but she insisted that if I’m meant to have them, I will.

According to research in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, taking medicines while pregnant has the potential to result in birth abnormalities and behavioral problems in those with bipolar disorder. Long-term neurobehavioural patterns might potentially result from it.

The 30-year-old spoke about having psychosis during the interview. She used the phrase “There was no part of me that was there anymore” to describe the effects the medicines had on her. The actress’s documentary, which debuted on Apple TV on November 4, explores the evolution of her mental health.

When she started hearing obnoxious voices in 2018, she admitted that she was suffering from psychosis. Selena claimed that even though she was receiving treatment, she only has fleeting memories of that period.

Selena received her bipolar disorder diagnosis in 2020 and made it public when she visited a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States.

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental condition that is characterized by episodes of extreme mood swings, ranging from manic highs to depressive lows. It is unclear what specifically causes bipolar disorder. However, it is understood that autism results from a combination of genetics, environment, and changed brain chemistry.

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