Soon, customers will be able to purchase railway tickets online for their cat or dog through IRCTC

customers will be able to purchase railway tickets online for their cat or dog through IRCTC

If you are a pet parent who enjoys taking your four-legged friends on vacations, you may have encountered difficulties when trying to purchase train tickets for them. However, given that Indian Railways is attempting to find a solution for you, this may soon change. Recently, a proposal was created by the Ministry of Railways to launch an online ticketing service for canines and felines. This implies that you can book tickets for your dogs from the comfort of your home and avoid the lengthy lines at the parcel booking booths.

Details on Soon, customers will be able to purchase railway tickets online for their cat or dog through IRCTC

Previously, pet owners had to reserve the entire coupe while ordering 1st Class AC tickets, cabins, or flights by going to the parcel booking kiosks on the platform the day of departure. Additionally, passengers were permitted to transport their canine companions in a box in the second-class luggage and brake van. However, they found this technique to be incredibly inconvenient. The Ministry of Railways intends to launch online pet ticketing in order to remedy this issue.

An online pet reservation system has been proposed by the Ministry of Railways for AC-1 class trains. Giving the TTEs the ability to reserve pets for travel is another part of the concept. The government anticipates that this will improve passenger convenience and comfort when travelling with dogs.

According to a report by The Statesman, the Railway Board has requested CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems) to make changes to the software so that the IRCTC website can begin accepting online reservations for animals.  

According to the article, after the first train chart is completed, railway travellers will be able to book animal tickets online using a computer or mobile device on the IRCTC website. The passenger’s ticket must first be confirmed in order for this to be possible.

The TTE will also have the ability to book dog-cat tickets, according to railway officials, once the online booking service for animals begins. The SLR bus, which is designated for the guard, will house the animals. At train stops, pet owners can give their animals food, water, and other necessities.

Online reservations for tickets for animals are subject to a few restrictions, nevertheless. The ticket of the traveller must be verified. There will be no refund for the animal ticket if the passenger cancels the ticket. The animal ticket charge will not be reimbursed either if the train is postponed or cancelled for longer than three hours. One ticket only—that of the passenger—will be refunded.

Large domestic animals like horses, cows, buffaloes, and others are scheduled for and transported in freight trains, the official added. They need to have someone looking after them on the trip. Any harm to the animals is the responsibility of the owner. They are not the responsibility of the Railways. 

You must make some preparations in advance if you are taking your pet on the trip with you. First, purchase a copy of your online ticket reservation. Second, confirm that your pet has received all necessary immunisations and maintain the certificates on hand. Third, obtain a fitness certificate from the veterinarian 24–48 hours prior to leaving, and carry the necessary identification. Fourth, pack food, water, and a toy to keep your pet happy and comfortable during the trip.

The rules you should be aware of when using Indian Railways with a pet are listed below. It’s important to note that these rules apply whether you purchase the ticket in person or online.

  • Whether you have a PRS ticket or an online ticket from IRCTC, you must bring your dog to the luggage office at least three hours prior to the train’s departure to make reservations.
  • If you travel in an AC First Class or First Class coupe with your dog, you must pay the appropriate baggage fees.
  • In the AC2 tier, AC3 tier, AC Chair Car, Sleeper Class, or Second-Class compartments, dogs are not permitted. Your dog may be transferred to the guard’s van without a refund if other passengers object.
  • To make a reservation, you must have a certificate from a veterinarian stating the breed, colour, and gender of your dog.
  • Your dog’s safe transit is entirely your responsibility. During the trip, you must give your dog food and water.
  • In any lodging class, pups may be transported in a basket.

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