Sourav Ganguly receives a troll for copying and pasting a tweet that damaged the brand’s advertising of e-commerce company Meesho

Sourav Ganguly receives a troll

A big social commerce company came under social media fire after one of its advocates made a faux pas. Numerous athletes, actors, and other famous people were observed sharing a poster of themselves with the headline “Mega Blockbuster.”

A brief about Sourav Ganguly receives a troll  for copy-pasting Meesho’s brand’s promotion content in his tweet:

On the surface, it appeared as though all the celebrities were working together on a Bollywood potboiler. However, a mistake exposed the elaborate plans that were hidden beneath what would have been a successful marketing plan. However, the campaign took a severe hit as a result of a copy-paste mistake made by Sourav Ganguly’s social media team.

In what appears to be a concerted marketing campaign, interestingly, celebs including Deepika Padukone, Rashmika Mandanna, Kapil Sharma, Trisha Krishnan, Karthi, and many others have shared a similar message. The mistake with the BCCI President’s Twitter name, however, unintentionally made the genuine purpose of the posters posted by all the celebs public.

The campaign poster and instructions were published in Ganguly’s Facebook post.

The post’s precise text is as follows.

It was enjoyable to shoot for it. Soon my next Mega Blockbuster will be out! #MegaBlockbuster #traileroutforsept.

Please make sure that tomorrow’s post on September 1 has NO MENTION of the Meesho brand or Meesho #hastag.

Ganguly did not experience the same thing. Instead, internet users took a screenshot of his post and immediately began to relentlessly ridicule him.

The post was deleted and corrected as soon as Ganguly’s team realized the error. The hashtag #TrailerOut4thSept was used in all of the celebrity posts, which hinted at a major brand unveiling that day.

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