Top Booming Startups in India: Building Future for New India

Startups in India

India has witnessed the emergence of numerous profitable startups in recent years. These profitable startups, which were once only a concept in some people’s heads, have transformed into successful companies. They have achieved this feat through their commitment, tenacity, creative ideas, problem-solving techniques, and other factors.

The startup ecosystem in India has flourished, positioning the country as a prominent hub for startups in India and entrepreneurial innovation. The expansion of startups in India has been remarkable and has paved the way for a new direction in the country’s future. In recent years, everyone has been interested in several well-known profitable startups in India, including Zomato, BYJU’S, Nykaa, Sugar, Boat, Oyo, and others. These profitable startups in India provide tangible examples of how Indian companies have developed.

These startups in India have provided solutions to many of our societal challenges, showcasing the significant impact of entrepreneurs on both personal and social development. In addition to their self-development as well as development of society, the entrepreneurs behind these profitable startups in India have played a significant role. The startups in India are currently making significant sums of money and seeing a surge in valuation.

With approximately 100+ unicorn firms already founded and many more on the path to becoming startups in India, India is currently the third-largest home for unicorn startups in the world, thanks to technology, ongoing breakthroughs, and entrepreneur zeal. The success and profitability of these startups demonstrate the entrepreneurial prowess and innovation prevalent in India’s business ecosystem.

Day by day the startups number in India are growing steadily with their growth, survival, expansion, profitability, etc. Therefore, you must be looking for:

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But don’t worry, here are the list of top best startups of India that we have listed with details to have a brief idea about the company:

1. Wow momo: Wow Momo is one of the most rapidly growing culinary brands in India. The brand’s goal is to provide happy customers with top-notch momos. They stand out because they place a strong focus on quality and reasonable prices. Wow Momo is a brand of fast food restaurants with its corporate office in Kolkata. Momos, burgers with momo filling, and momo-based desserts are the chain’s specialty.

2. Fresh Menu: An online meal delivery firm called FreshMenu operates 44 dark kitchens in the cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi NCR. To order fresh cuisine, go visit FreshMenu. There are several classifications and cuisines to choose from. FreshMenu will deliver your food in 45 minutes.

3. Coolberg: Coolberg, an Indian beer brand, has no alcohol. the country’s most well-liked craft non-alcoholic beer right now. Current Coolberg beer flavours include ginger, mint, peach, cranberry, and strawberry in addition to the original malt flavour. Coolberg aims to become the largest beverage company in India in the premium non-alcoholic beverage market.

4. Flyrobe: Men and women may rent event apparel from Flyrobe, an online fashion rental company with physical outlets in Delhi and Mumbai. Newest clothes is sent to your home by the greatest online rental company. Flyrobe claims to have developed the largest marketplace for customer-to-customer rental with more than 1,800 curators on board.

5. Dunzo: Users may connect with the closest delivery partner via the Dunzo hyper-local delivery app. The Indian company Dunzo offers basic necessities, fresh vegetables, meat, pet supplies, food, and pharmaceuticals in urban areas.

6. Innov8: Innov8 Luxurious and finely built office space is accessible at Innov8 Coworking, with the goal of providing entrepreneurs with a trustworthy and comfortable coworking environment. Here, people may create, engage, and grow their businesses.

7. The health and fitness company CureFit focuses on a variety of topics including yoga, nutrition, exercise, and mental wellness. In May 2016, CureFit was established by Mukesh Bansal, a co-founder of Myntra, and Ankit Nagori, a former chief operating officer of Flipkart. The mobile app for was made available for iOS and Android in May 2017. The programme operates under a freemium economic model. You may view the free DIY fitness videos there at home. The software also allows users to plan classes and track their development using a simplified activity point system.

8. Razorpay: Razorpay is the only payment system in India with its product suite that enables businesses to collect, process, and distribute payments. Retailers, merchants, and e-commerce platforms can use the payment gateway services provided by an Indian fintech company named Razorpay.

9. CRED: CRED Startup is a FinTech (financial technology) company situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. Founded in 2018, Kunal Shah took the initiative to establish it.Users may use CRED’s app to pay credit card bills, which is its main feature. Customers who successfully pay their bills receive benefits from CRED. CRED is a closed network that rewards its members for making on-time credit card payments.

10. A platform for enhanced speech intelligence called enables businesses to scale up the automation and improvement of voice interactions, modernising their contact centres and customer service. For worldwide organisations across industries, we have automated over 15 million calls by enabling proactive, intelligent issue solutions and seamless live interactions. We collaborate with our clients to save costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and organise their contact centre operations.

11. PharmEasy: India-based Pharmeasy is a health-tech e-commerce company. PharmEasy is a consumer healthcare “super app” that offers consumers home delivery of a range of prescription, over-the-counter, and other healthcare products as well as full diagnostic test services and teleconsultations to satisfy their healthcare needs. Online prescription drugs, online healthcare items, online diagnostics, and online consulting are its four main offerings.

12. Groww: To create investments that are really easy to use, incredibly quick, and incredibly obvious. The Groww app made it possible. Users of Groww, an online financial platform, may buy stocks and mutual funds. A trading application that has been completely safe, secure, and capable of implementing strong encryption.

13. Grofers:  Grofers is the name of a quick delivery service in India. Grofers has changed its name to Blinkit in order to more accurately represent its concentration on India’s quickly increasing fast commerce industry. Grofers is the only app you need for all of your daily needs. The company intends to build a network of local stores that will connect clients to internet networks for food delivery.

14. MobiKwik: A mobile phone-based payment system and digital wallet are provided by MobiKwik, an Indian payment service provider founded in 2009. You can now instantly pay your bills, recharge your phone, earn and redeem points whenever and wherever you choose with the MobiKwik wallet.

15. Meesho: Meesho is a secondhand online marketplace that enables anybody to start a company without having to spend any money. Best Online One-Stop Shop for Meesho in India You may now generate money online or make purchases for yourself using the same Meesho app. Meesho offers more over 50 lakh products, including a sizable assortment of apparel, cosmetics, household goods, and a variety of other categories.

16. Sugar: The cruelty-free cosmetics line SUGAR Cosmetics combines style and utility. The brand is motivated by and aimed at strong, independent women who refuse being put into boxes. According to SUGAR cosmetics, wearing makeup is more of a desire to express oneself and make a statement than a need.

17. Zoho:  An international Indian technology company called Zoho Corporation creates web-based business tools. With the help of Zoho, you can build engaging online courses, encourage a learning community, and turn your expertise into a successful training business.

18. BoAt: BoAt, an Indian firm that was created in 2015 and specialises in consumer electronics, distributes earbuds, stereo headphones, portable chargers, and luxury cables. The founders were inspired when they discovered that the most fashionable people in our nation were seeking for audio products that were fashionable, durable, and affordable.

19. Whitehatjr: An Indian company called WhiteHat Junior specialises in educating young people how to code online. Moreover, it claims to offer AI courses to its clientele. On August 7, 2020, Byju’s purchased WhiteHat Junior for $300 million in cash.

20. Unacademy: An Indian company called Unacademy is situated in Bangalore and offers technologies for online learning. It was initially introduced in 2010 as a YouTube channel by Gaurav Munjal. The company has a network of more than 12,000 educators and provides study materials for a number of professional and academic admission examinations. Videos for Unacademy courses are offered in both free and paid versions.

21. Byju’s: An educational platform in India is called BYJU’s. A company by the name of BYJU’s offers a platform for people, mostly students, to learn online with comprehensive curriculum and classes for exam preparation. The company solely employs original content, interactive movies and simulations, and cartoons for pupils.

22. OYO: An Indian worldwide hospitality brand called OYO Rooms, also known as OYO Hotels & Homes, comprises of leased and franchised accommodation facilities. To make it easier to post and book low-cost accommodations, Ritesh Agarwal founded Oravel Stays in 2012. In 2013, he changed the name of the business to OYO. As of January 2020, it has over 43,000 hotels with one million rooms dispersed throughout 800 cities in 80 countries.

23. Dailyhunt: Founded in Bangalore, India, Dailyhunt (formerly Newshunt) is an Indian content and news aggregator app that provides local language news in 14 Indian languages from multiple content sources. The company’s mission statement is, “The Indic platform enabling a billion Indians to explore, consume, and socialise with information that informs, enriches, and entertains.”

24. Glance: The multinational technology corporation InMobi owns Glance. Glance is an Indian software business that uses artificial intelligence to bring customised information to smartphone lock screens. With a base in Bangalore, the company was co-founded in 2019 by Naveen Tewari, Abhay Singhal, Mohit Saxena, and Piyush Shah. On the lockscreen of customers’ devices, Glance’s screen zero platform employs artificial intelligence to deliver personalised, useful, ad-free, and live content from a variety of categories, including games, stories, and news.

25. Freshworks: We are a leading provider of cutting-edge SaaS solutions for companies of all sizes. These remedies deal with a wide range of intricate business issues. Technology that works for everyone is created by Freshworks, making it easy for departments like IT, customer service, sales, marketing, and HR to complete tasks and satisfy consumers. In contrast to conventional software, this. More than 50,000 organisationsutiliseFreshworks’ SaaS to improve the customer and employee experience. Freshworks is the first Indian software as a service (SaaS) company to be listed on a US stock market.

26. Digit: A firm called Digit offers a financial mobile app that analyses a user’s spending patterns and automatically saves money for them. It is challenging to change how insurance products are seen, chosen, and utilised for claims. Our aim is to simplify insurance, to put it simply.

27. Udaan: India’s newest B2B wholesaling and FMCG enterprise is called Udaan. Consumers may transact online with Udaan utilising secure payment options and carefully thought-out logistics. The website’s goal is to assist users in resolving issues related to business-to-business commerce between small, medium, and large Indian enterprises who are looking to purchase goods from manufacturers, brands, white-label distributors, and importers.

28. Dream11: Players may participate in fantasy games like basketball, handball, kabaddi, hockey, and cricket on the Indian website Dream11. The site is presently being used by more than 120 million individuals. In 2017, the company collaborated with the leagues of cricket, football, and basketball. The National Basketball Association, the Caribbean Premier League, and the Indian Super League have signed Dream11 as its official fantasy partner (NBA). After that year, they worked with the Indian Super League as their official Fantasy Football Partner.

29. Swiggy: Formerly, ordering food from a restaurant was challenging. Indian company Swiggy started an online meal ordering and delivery service with the goal of making it a reality. Swiggy, which now has more than 100 sites in India, wants to add delivery of general products to its grocery platform.

30. Delhivery: India’s biggest local and international supplier of supply chain services is Delhivery. A centralised warehouse management system allows Delhivery to consolidate goods from many locations into a single location. There are 86 portals for Delhivery located all throughout the country, and they are all gateways for both origin and destination traffic.

31. Ixigo: Indian-based Ixigo is an AI-based online travel agency with the mission of making it simpler for Indian travellers to plan, schedule, and manage their travel on buses, trains, and aeroplanes as well as hotels. We assist travellers in making more informed travel selections by utilising developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science across all of our OTA platforms, which include our websites and mobile applications..

32. Ecom express: For the e-commerce industry, Ecom Express Ltd is a top end-to-end technology-enabled logistics solutions provider with a focus on quick, secure, and trustworthy nationwide express delivery services. Ecom Express operates in all 29 of the state’s municipalities and more than 2650 PIN-codes totaling over 27,000 in India.

33. Navi: An Indian company called Navi offers financial services. IIT-Delhi grads Sachin Bansal and Ankit Agarwal founded BACQ Acquisitions Private Limited after quitting Flipkart in December 2018; the company then changed its name to Navi Technologies Private Limited. The digital personal loan, mortgage, mutual fund, health insurance, and microloan markets are all active for Navi. Without using any paper at all, you may apply instantaneously for a Navi personal loan or a Navi house loan, invest in a Navi mutual fund, and buy a Navi health insurance policy.

34. Ola: Global ride-hailing company Ola is headquartered in India. The company started off in New Zealand before branching out into other markets including Australia and India. In addition to the ride-hailing startup Ola Cabs, the parent company ANI Technologies also manages Ola Fleet, Ola Financial Services, and Ola Foods. Also, as of September 2019, it owned 6% of the electric scooter firm Ola Electric.

35. Pinelabs: In India and Southeast Asia, Pine Labs is a well-known merchant commerce omnichannel platform. The company focuses on creating and hosting a variety of fintech solutions, from loyalty programmes to digital payments. The company employs more than 70,000 merchants in India, working with renowned retailers including Marks & Spencer Retail, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, and Westside.

36. Zerodha: Zerodha is an Indian financial services business that provides the lowest, cheapest brokerage rates for retail and institutional broking, currency and commodities trading, mutual funds, and bonds. Via our robust ecosystem of investing platforms, which has over 9+ million clients, millions of orders are placed every day, making up more than 15% of total Indian retail trading volumes.

37. Upgrad: The largest online higher education provider in India, UpGrad, provides courses in data science, technology, management, and law to college students, professionals, and companies. The company has onboarded more than 40,000 paying students and has an impact on more than a million individuals globally.

38. Urban Company: Urban Company (formerly known as Urban Clap), India’s largest online marketplace for home services, offers services for both home beautification and wellness as well as repairs and upkeep. The companies provide services in 54 Indian cities.

39. Practo: Practo is the leading healthcare platform in the world, helping millions of patients worldwide interact with tens of thousands of healthcare experts and make better healthcare decisions. Practo wants to help individuals make better healthcare decisions by giving them access to the most accurate, comprehensive, and carefully chosen information and treatment.

40. MPL:  Mobile Premier League (MPL), the biggest eSports and mobile gaming platform in India, offers free downloads for more than 60 games, including titles in the fantasy sports, card, arcade, puzzle, and action game genres. It is the most well-known gaming website with over 10 crore players playing real money games including Rummy, Chess, Fantasy Cricket, Fruit Chop, 8 Ball Pool, Carrom, and more on a single platform. It was launched in 2018 by Sai Garimella and Shubham Malhotra. Mobile Premier League is a free mobile gaming app with monetization features (MPL).

41. Firstcry: The biggest online shop for kids and newborns in India, Firstcry, was established in 2010 by Supam Maheshwari and Amitava Saha. It is located in Pune. We believe that a baby’s first scream is the most priceless moment for a mother and father, and we believe this despite having over 6000 employees and over 25 million customers globally. The company has an online store where it offers a selection of baby care and kids’ goods.

42. Sharechat: The social media and networking site ShareChat was developed by Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd in Bangalore. Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Farid Ahsan incorporated it on January 8th, 2015. ShareChat has more than 250 million active users each month across 15 Indian languages. The company’s app offers features including private messaging, tagging, and a personal messaging function that lets users exchange films, jokes, music, and other language-based social material with other anonymous users.

43. Blackbuck:  A new age in transportation has started with BlackBuck; it is organised and makes trucking simple for every shipper and carrier. When it comes to bridging the gap between shippers and truckers and modernising the infrastructure of the sector to make payments, insurance, and financial services more accessible, BlackBuck, which was created in 2015, has been a pioneer.

44. Mamaearth:  Mamaearth, an organisation based in India, focuses on wellness, fitness, and health. The primary headquarters of the organization is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. Honasa Consumer Pvt Ltd is the name that appears on the registration. It serves as a one-stop shop for everything related to baby, skin, and hair care. The first business in Asia to provide MADE SAFETM Certified Goods is Mamaearth. Varun and Ghazal Alagh founded it in 2016 to provide toxins-free, all-natural infant care, skincare, haircare, and other goods for everyone.

45. Nobroker: Amit Kumar Agarwal, Akhil Gupta, and Saurabh Garg, alumni of the IIT and IIM Ahmedabad, established NoBroker in 2014. It is a real estate search engine with headquarters in Bangalore that creates direct links between buyers, sellers, and owners, as well as tenants and owners of real estate. Thanks to the regulated, algorithm-based non-broker marketplace known as NoBroker, only landlords and tenants/buyers are able to communicate with one another. It also provides financial services including rent, mortgage loans, and other real estate-related legal services.

46. Rebel Foods:  Faasos, Behrouz Biryani, and Oven Story are just a few of the eleven cloud kitchen brands run by Indian company Rebel Foods. It was the biggest cloud kitchen restaurant chain in the world as of April 2022, with more than 450 locations distributed throughout 75 cities in 10 countries, including India. More than 450 cloud kitchens are owned and run by Rebel Foods in various nations. The business is committed to striking the ideal mix between top-notch culinary expertise and modern infrastructure.

47. Zeta:  Zeta is the first Omni Stack for credit cards in the world. Employee tax benefits, automated cafeterias, employee giving, and digital payments were among its earliest offerings. After that, Origination, Processing, FRM, Rewards, Loans, APIs, and Applications should be combined to form a single stack. In 2015, Ramki Gaddipati and Bhavin Turakhia founded the financial technology firm Zeta. 2016 saw Bhavin Turakhia donate about $19 million to Zeta.

48. Acko:  An independent general insurance provider in India goes by the name of Acko. Being the country’s first digital insurance, they were founded in 2016, and they are now growing more quickly than any other insurer. In barely three years, technology has modernized and enhanced insurance. Acko is a company that operates online, producing above-average products and selling them to more than 50 million distinct clients with the least amount of paper labour possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Startups in India

A startup in India refers to an organization that is less than ten years old, with an annual turnover below one billion Indian rupees, and its headquarters located in India.

According to Startup India, there were approximately 50,000 startups in India in 2018, with around 8,900 to 9,300 of them being technology-led startups. In 2019 alone, 1,300 new tech startups were established, indicating the birth of 2-3 tech startups every day.

Some of the highly successful startups in India include Paytm, a payment gateway enabling users and businesses to make payments; Razorpay, a platform facilitating payment acceptance, processing, and disbursement for businesses; Urban Company, a marketplace connecting independent contractors with customers; Apna, a professional networking and job-search platform for blue- and gray-collar professionals; and UpGrad, an online higher education portal offering courses in Data Science, Technology, Management, and Law.

Starting a startup in India offers several benefits, such as government support, access to capital, availability of skilled workers, and a supportive business environment. However, there are also challenges to consider, including regulatory hurdles, infrastructure gaps, market fragmentation, and competition from established players.

Several initiatives and resources are available to support startups in India. These include Startup India, a flagship initiative by the Government of India aiming to foster a favorable startup ecosystem nationwide; States Startup Ranking, an annual evaluation of states and union territories based on their startup ecosystem performance; National Startup Awards, recognizing outstanding startups and ecosystem enablers driving innovation and scalable enterprises; Seed Fund Scheme, providing financial assistance for various startup needs; MAARG Mentorship Portal, offering mentorship and growth support across sectors and stages; Startup India Investor Connect, connecting startups with investors for potential investment opportunities; Fund of Funds, contributing to Alternative Investment Funds registered with SEBI to fund startups; and Failory's list of the 300 most valuable startups in India.


India has established itself as one of the world’s leading startup hubs. Startups in India are emerging at a rapid pace, with new ventures being launched almost every other day. The startup ecosystem in India has witnessed significant changes, thanks to new rules and regulations implemented by the government. These changes have created favorable conditions for startups to establish a strong foothold in the country.

Startups in India have become highly appealing investment prospects. With excellent financing opportunities available at the right times, businesses have been able to advance rapidly. As a result, we can now witness new startups ascending to the top of the Indian startup sector, contributing to the growth and dynamism of the industry.

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