Stuti Charan’s success journey from Bank PO to IAS Topper

Stuti Charan's success journey from Bank PO to IAS Topper

Few people are able to reach the Top 10 on their first attempt in the UPSC Test, one of the hardest to pass. Many of them experience repeated failure, but their perseverance and commitment enable them to realise their goals, and some of them are successful in passing the civil services exam on their very first attempt. Stuti Charan, one of the highest scorers, passed the UPSC exam.

Details about Stuti Charan’s success journey from Bank PO to IAS Topper

Stuti Charan, the IAS top performer, passed the UPSC Civil Services test in 2012. She was employed as a probationary officer at a bank before moving on to become an IAS officer. In the UPSC Test, she achieved an All-India Rank of 3. Stuti always wanted to work for the advancement of society, and when she chose to apply for the UPSC and received the third spot, her wishes came true.

She is a resident of the Rajasthani village of Jodhpur’s Khari Kalla. Her parents, her mother, and her younger sister make up her family. Her mother Suman is a Hindi instructor, while her father Ram Karan Bareth holds the position of Deputy Director at the Rajasthan State Warehousing Corporation. Neeti, her younger sister, is a dentist.

Stuti finished her education at the Bhilwara Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (Hurda). She then continued on to Lachoo Memorial College of Science and Technology to get her degree. After that, Stuti completed her post-graduate programme in personnel and marketing management at IIPM, New Delhi.

Stuti once stated in an interview that she had grown up with the expectation of seeing herself as an IAS. She went on to say that every success story serves as motivation, and she found inspiration in every tale of a high performer that she read, according to the newspaper.

Since her graduation, she has been preparing for the UPSC Test with the goal of becoming an IAS officer.

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