Swiggy Opens a Skills Academy to Train Delivery Personnel And Their Children

Swiggy Opens a Skills Academy

The multiskilling and multilingual Swiggy Skills Academy has been founded by the food tech business Swiggy for its delivery staff and their kids.

To assist Swiggy’s delivery staff, the Swiggy Skills Academy will provide free access to learning and development courses. The corporation said that the program will assist its delivery workers in finishing their education and that over 24,000 of their children have already registered for access to educational materials.

Details about Swiggy Opens a Skills Academy to Train Delivery Personnel And their Children:

Speaking English, time management, personal grooming, internet use, personal finance, and mental and physical health and wellness for delivery personnel are among the topics covered in the training. They can use these abilities to perform their current duties more effectively, take on new roles, and get ready for opportunities outside of Swiggy, Swiggy. Additionally, it will cover abilities that people can learn to fill positions inside the organization.

According to Swiggy, it has worked with educational institutions to assist executives in completing their high school diplomas, middle schooling, college degrees, or professional certifications. According to Swiggy, Khan Academy has a partnership with it to offer courses and certificates.

According to Swiggy, children of all age groups will be eligible to access online career advice and educational materials, even after the delivery executive leaves the platform. Additionally, it has teamed up with Google to employ Read Along to assist kids of delivery partners in developing their reading abilities.

Additionally, it was stated that nearly 40% of delivery executives using the site are parents, with more than two-thirds of those kids being older than five years old.

“With Swiggy Skills, we have taken a stride in fulfilling our obligation towards our executives with the emphasis to create an opportunity for their growth and progress,” said Girish Menon, head of human resources at Swiggy. Giving our delivery executives a place to pursue comprehensive learning and development opportunities helps them succeed in the long run as well as in their current position.

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