Taj Mahal gets notice to pay 1.9 Crore as Water Tax

Taj Mahal gets notice to pay 1.9 Crore as Water Tax

The Taj Mahal is a protected monument, and the Agra Municipal Corporation in Uttar Pradesh has written warnings to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) demanding payment of Rs 1.9 crore in water tax and Rs 1.5 lakh in property tax.

In-depth details about the Taj Mahal gets notice to pay 1.9 Crore as Water Tax:

The invoices relate to the fiscal years 2021–2022 and 2022–2023.

The Taj Mahal would be “attached” if the tax was not paid within the allotted time, so the ASI has been given 15 days to pay any outstanding debts.

Nikhil T. Funde, a municipal commissioner, stated, “I am unaware of the tax-related proceedings relating to the Taj Mahal. On the basis of the statewide geographic information system (GIS) survey completed for tax calculation, new notices are being issued. All properties, including governmental and religious institutions, have received notifications based on unpaid dues. Refunds are given in accordance with the legislation. The necessary action will be taken in the case of notices sent to the ASI based on their answer.

In the meantime, ASI supervising archaeologist Raj Kumar Patel declared: “Monuments are exempt from property tax. Since there is no commercial usage for water, we are also exempt from paying water taxes. The grounds’ vegetation is kept alive by the usage of water. The first water and property tax notices for the Taj Mahal have been received. It might have been sent inadvertently.

Sarita Singh, an assistant municipal commissioner in charge of the Tajganj area, said: “Investigations are being done into the problem of notices sent out for water and property tax on the Taj Mahal. Based on a GIS study, a private corporation has been charged with realizing tax.”

The Taj Mahal was designated a protected monument in 1920, according to ASI officials, and even during British rule, no home or water tax was imposed on the structure.

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