Tata Consumer will purchase Bisleri International for Rs 6,000 -7,000 crore

Tata Consumer will purchase Bisleri International

Tata Consumer Products Ltd (TCPL) is expected to pay Rs 6,000-7,000 crore for Bisleri International. According to a source, Ramesh Chauhan, chairman of Bisleri International, does not have a successor to take Bisleri to the next level. He previously sold Thums Up, Gold Spot, and Limca to Coca-Cola.

In-depth details about Tata Consumer will purchase Bisleri International for Rs 6,000 -7,000 crore

Bisleri, India’s largest packaged water manufacturer, is predicted to make Rs 2,500 crore in revenue and Rs 220 crore in profit in FY23.

Although selling Bisleri is a “sad” move, Chauhan stated that the Tata Group will “nurture and care for it even better.”

“I admire the Tata culture of values and ethics, so I made my decision despite the aggressiveness displayed by other interested bidders,” he continued.

Chauhan will not have an interest in the company. He would rededicate himself to environmental and charitable activities such as water harvesting and plastic recycling.

According to ET, Coca-Cola purchased the complete portfolio from Chauhan and his brother Prakash in 1993. Aside from Thums Up and Limca, it also includes Citra, RimZim, and Maaza. TCPL distributes packaged mineral water under the Himalayan and Tata Copper Plus brands.

“Even I am unsure what I will do with the money, but let me be clear. It wasn’t simply the monetary value; I was more concerned with finding a house that would treat it as well as I did. This is a firm that I established with love and that is now run by individuals who are similarly passionate “Chauhan continued.

Bisleri began as an Italian brand in Mumbai in 1965. In 1969, the Chauhans purchased the company. It currently has over 122 functioning facilities and 4,500 distributors in India and neighboring countries.

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