The flip-style foldable OPPO Find N2 Flip offers premium imaging performance

The flip-style foldable OPPO Find N2 Flip offers premium imaging performance

The OPPO Find N2 Flip, which combines high-resolution camera sensors with an in-house “MariSilicon X NPU” and Hasselblad’s natural colour tones, has delivered flagship-level cameras to the flip-style foldable form factor.

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The 50MP Sony IMX890 primary sensor features all-pixel omnidirectional intelligent focusing, which makes adjacent subjects stand out against soft backgrounds and creates photographs that are richly detailed, textured, and lively.

The camera offers hardware-level DOL-HDR for 4K videography, which allows for the simultaneous acquisition of short- and long-exposure images. Long-exposure photographs have details in the dark areas, while short-exposure photographs do not overexpose the bright areas. For more comprehensive low-light footage, OPPO’s MariSilicon X NPU combines these captures.

Long and short exposure frames are combined by the HDR Fusion inside the MariLumi ISP of the MariSilicon X NPU to produce a 4X better dynamic range.

The AI Noise Reduction (AINR) algorithms developed by MariNeuro and MariSilicon X further reduce noise and improve the quality of each frame.

According to OPPO, the Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution has been included into the camera system to further enhance the image capabilities of the Find N2 Flip. This was done in close collaboration with the venerable camera maker.

As you push the shutter button, a special color-processing system begins to work, optimising tone, contrast, and colour accuracy to produce reliable results.

With its XPAN mode, which has a 65:24 high aspect ratio to capture the distinctive retro look of the camera brand, OPPO has a longstanding relationship with Hasselblad.

The Find N2 Flip also features a bespoke user interface, shutter sound, and watermark that mimic the Hasselblad shooting experience. With the use of three additional filters—Emerald, Radiance, and Serenity—users can further edit photos.

A rear 8MP ultra-wide Sony IMX355 camera with a wide field of view is included with the gadget, making it ideal for both images and videos.

It also has a 32MP Sony IMX709 front camera for taking selfies. Users can open the Found N2 Flip and make video calls with FlexForm using the camera.

The RGBW pixel array of the IMX709 provides improved noise reduction. While taking a group selfie, its focusing assures sharp details, and its broad field of view fits everyone in the frame.

The OPPO Find N2 Flip is designed to faithfully reproduce bokeh flair in portrait videos and portray Indian skin tones. The skin smoothening and beautification algorithms on the flip-style foldable expertly and accurately separate different areas of the photograph and enhance image quality.

The MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ is utilised by the OPPO Find N2 Flip. The 4nm processor boosts gaming performance by delivering supercharged CPU speed along with a number of improvements like AI-enhanced Variable Rate Shading and Frame Rate smoothening.

One 3.2GHz Cortex X2 core, three 2.85GHz Cortex A710 cores, and four Cortex A510 cores are used by the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ to balance out high-end computing and all-day battery life through clever resource allocation.

A 4X more efficient APU solution is part of the Dimensity 9000+ chipset in the Find N2 Flip, which enhances short-burst tasks like high-framerate gaming and HDR photography at night.

The MediaTek APU 580 enhances Broadband, gaming, and social media video watching experiences by performing specialised tasks or acting as a general processor.

The Find N2 Flip offers extraordinarily quick 44W SUPERVOOCTM charging thanks to the power of the Dimensity 9000+ processor and OPPO’s optimizations.

The operating system, which runs Android 13, provides a number of design-driven adjustments to increase productivity.

Users can now organise meetings, optimise networks, and deal with distractions thanks to the AI improvements that were deeply incorporated into ColorOS 13.

Similar to the Found N2 Flip, users will have possibilities for customising it thanks to an upgraded Shelf function that organises and displays important information as well as tools and services that offer several customization options.

With a large selection of widgets and thorough Bitmoji integration both on the shelf and the cover display, ColorOS 13 allows users to customise their phone.

In addition, the OPPO Find N2 Flip will receive security upgrades for five years and four years of Android, according to the company.

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