The IT Giant Apple is the First to Explicitly Forbid On Caste Discrimination

The IT Giant Apple is the First to Explicitly Forbid On Caste Discrimination

The majority of tech behemoths have comprehensive anti-discrimination work policies, but unlike some areas, like race, they do not specifically mention caste-based prejudice. One of the first digital behemoths to officially denounce and outlaw caste discrimination in the workplace is Apple right now. Given that managers and staff in the US might not be familiar with the concept of caste, which is well-known to people in India, Apple has also begun training on the subject to help its employees better comprehend the new regulations.

All About Caste Discrimination Forbid By IT Giant Apple:

Reuters claims that Apple amended its general employee conduct code nearly two years ago to forbid caste-based discrimination, but it has not been publicly acknowledged.

The new policy outlaws discrimination against people based on their race, religion, gender, age, or ancestry.

The upgrade, according to the article, occurred in June 2020 when Cisco Systems was sued by California’s employment authority on behalf of a low-caste engineer who claimed two superiors from higher castes were obstructing his career. The incident caused large internet companies to face reality, which appears to extend beyond Indian boundaries and was seen as the first US employment lawsuit regarding suspected casteism.

IBM appears to have changed its policy to cover anti-caste rules in addition to Apple. According to Reuters, IBM is now only educating its management on caste. The main global policy of other major tech companies like Amazon, Dell, Facebook owner Meta, Microsoft, and Google does not officially and overtly include caste.

Thenmozhi Soundararajan, a Dalit rights activist, was scheduled to present at a talk on caste prejudice that Google, whose CEO Sundar Pichai has Indian ancestry, canceled in June.

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