There are 45000 AI job openings in India, and the starting salary for new hires is Rs 10 lakh

There are 45000 AI job openings in India

Since technologies like ChatGPT and Bing AI have shown to be rather effective at completing jobs rapidly, we have already begun to observe how artificial intelligence (AI) could affect society in the future. Due to the apparent speed with which AI tools appear to complete tasks, some are concerned that AI may eliminate their jobs. However, it is actually serving as a useful tool to free up time to concentrate on other useful activities. The need for AI specialists has grown as a result of the increased attention that AI is receiving.

Details about there are 45000 AI job openings in India, and the starting salary for new hires is Rs 10 lakh

At least 45,000 positions in AI are open right now, according to research by TeamLeaseDigital. The positions are accessible in a variety of industries, including banking, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and education. The quoted source asserts that because there is a demand for AI jobs, freshmen who are interested in this field will be compensated well.

The research advises people to pursue careers as data scientists and machine learning (ML) specialists since they will enable them to prosper and earn more without having to worry about losing their jobs in the future. The report discusses the qualifications needed to start a career in artificial intelligence. It shows how the emphasis has shifted to scalable ML applications, necessitating a greater demand than ever for AI specialists in scripting languages. For users to work with AI, they must be able to develop traditional ML models.

According to the report, data engineers may earn up to Rs 14 lakhs annually, while ML engineers might make up to Rs 10 lakhs. The salary for database administrators, data architects, and DevOps engineers is said to be up to Rs 12 lakhs. If one accepts the position of BI analyst or data scientist, they could earn up to Rs 14 lakhs. Candidates may qualify for wages between Rs 25 and 45 Lakh per annum if they have at least 8 years of expertise in related disciplines.

According to the survey, in order to provide healthy competition to others in the market, freshmen need at the very least have a rudimentary knowledge of or comprehension of AI & its applications. Additionally, those who master AI can earn very high wages and have access to excellent employment prospects.

The study found that there is already a lot of competition in India and that 400,000 Indians are employed in AI-related fields. According to some estimates, 16% of the population of this country contributes to the global AI talent pool, and Bengaluru is thought to be the second-largest source of AI talent worldwide. 

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