Threat to Donald Trump’s business empire as New York fraud trial begins

Threat to Donald Trump's business empire as New York fraud trial begins

In what he called a “sham” civil fraud trial against him and two of his sons, former US president Donald Trump appeared in court on Monday. The case threatens the Republican’s corporate empire as he runs for the White House again.

A brief about the threat to Donald Trump’s business empire as New York fraud trial begins

Judge Arthur Engoron of New York has already found that Donald Trump and his sons Eric and Don Jr. committed fraud by artificially inflating the value of the Trump Organization’s real estate and financial assets for years.

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, is currently asking for $250 million in fines and the demotion of Trump and his sons from running the family business.

Trump will soon be involved in a number of significant criminal cases in addition to this civil one.

On March 4, he is due in court in Washington, D.C., to answer to allegations that he attempted to rig Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential election.

Later, Trump will appear in a Florida federal court where he is charged with mishandling secret documents after leaving office. He will also appear in a New York state court again, this time on criminal hush money accusations.

Last but not least, he will also be held accountable for state charges in Georgia, where prosecutors claim Trump tried to rig the state’s 2020 election in his favor.

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