Top Angel Investors who are Active and Influential – An Explicit List

top angel investors

Investors in startups have access to a variety of resources. You may come across a number of individual angel investor websites or apps, angel investment firms, angel investment companies, angel investor sites, or angel investing platforms while looking for actual angel investors for startups, but not all of them are as reliable and useful as you might expect. This article will explain in detail who the top angel investors are and how to locate them, along with statistics and information on the types of investments they make.

Angel investors are those who make investments in start-ups and small businesses. They frequently have experience from starting their own businesses or investing in ones that have already received funding. Angel investors serve as a mentor for companies, acting like “angels and entrepreneurs.” Angel investors and venture capitalists are two types of angel lenders. Angel investors are individual investors that provide funding to companies, and venture capitalists are businesses that are formed by a group of angel investors.

The startup ecosystem received more than $100 billion in funding since 2014 in 2021. Indian angel network funding raised the most money in a single year, totaling more than $42 billion. If we focus more on the year as a whole. According to a recent DocSend survey, successfully financed firms contacted a median of fifty-eight investors, held forty meetings, and closed their funding round in 12.5 weeks.

Since 2014, the startup ecosystem has garnered more than $100 billion in investment. With almost $42 billion raised in a single year, the Indian angel network raised by far the most money. if we concentrate more on the entire year. According to a recent DocSend study, successfully financed firms contacted a median of just fifty eight investors, set up forty meetings, and closed their fundraising round in just 12.5 weeks.

An angel investor is a high net worth individual who invests money in a startup business in exchange for ownership stock or convertible debt. A “round” of funding is a term used to describe a small group of angel investors.

As more and more high net worth individuals search for methods to diversify their portfolios and promote entrepreneurship, angel investing has grown in popularity in recent years. Since many new companies have entered the market in recent years, the number of angel investors has increased dramatically.

Every year, more than $120 billion is invested in early-stage enterprises. It seems that until 2022, the market will increase at a 25% annual pace, reaching $315.92 billion.

On this list, we’ve done extensive research and identified the best startup investors from every continent on the planet! Investors are available from:

  • Top best Angel Investors in the World
  • Top best Angel Investors in USA
  • Top best Angel Investors in UK
  • Top best Angel Investors in India

We will introduce you to some of the best angel investors in this blog area. These investors have had a significant influence on the startup ecosystem globally and have supported some of the most successful firms. We’re hoping that this will help you understand these investors better and what they’re looking for in an investment.

Here is a list of the most active and influential Top Angel Investors:

Fabrice Grinda

Fabrice Grinda is a French businessman. He is a well-known investor and Internet businessman worldwide. Over 200 investments totalling more than $300 million have been made by him globally. Grinda, a co-founder, served as the CEO of OLX, Aucland, and Zingy.

Alexander Chesterman

An online businessman from Britain is named Alexander Chesterman.  He is highly recognised for his investments and is regarded as the top angel investor in the UK. Alex Chesterman is the founder and CEO of Cazoo in addition to being a co-founder of Lovefilm. He owns 37 stakes in angel investments. His net worth was estimated to be £750 million by The Sunday Times Rich List.

Talmadge O’Neill

Talmadge O’Neill is a veteran entrepreneur and angel investor. He created Juvo+, Vivo Holdings, and HTKR with others. Talmadge has invested more than $40 million in startups and mature companies.

Saad AlSogair

Saad Alsogair is a dermatologist, angel investor, coach, and counsellor from Khobar, Saudi Arabia. He has contributed to more than 400 early-stage startups in Silicon Valley, including Ripple, Calm, Grove Collaborative, and Dollar Shave Club, and has invested in over 200 of them.

Mark Cuban

American media magnate, television personality, and multibillionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban. In addition to owning the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, he also holds ownership stakes in a number of smaller companies, including Magnolia Pictures and AXS TV. With an estimated net worth of $4.7 billion, Mark Cuban is ranked No. 177 on the 2020 Forbes 400 list. He also contributes significantly as a “shark” investor on the ABC reality show Shark Tank. He has more than 170 investments in his portfolio.

Alexis Kerry Ohanian

Alexis Kerry Ohanian lives in Brooklyn, New York, and runs an online company.Alexis Ohanian has made 162 investments. He is most known for being the co-founder and executive chairman of Reddit and Initialised Capital.

Amos Ben-Meir

Amos Ben-Meir is deeply passionate about technology, business, and the entrepreneurial eco-system as it pertains to start-ups, venture capital, and angel investment. He is a US citizen and resides in Palo Alto, California. More than 350 investments have been added to his original investment portfolio. He is an angel and venture investor and actively participates in the Sand Hill Angels investment network.

Dr. Ritesh Malik

Dr. Ritesh Malik is a physician, entrepreneur, and investor from India. He oversees a virtual startup accelerator in India. Ritesh Malik has made 25 investments to help 11 companies across several sectors. The first hardware product company in India to receive Series A venture finance was FIN ROBOTICS, in which he served as mentor and founding investor.

Auren Hoffman

Auren Raphael Hoffman is a businessperson, angel investor, and author from the United States. Auren Hoffman serves as the CEO and Chief Historian of SafeGraph and Rapleaf. Auren Hoffman has made 82 investments. Hoffman founded Kyber Systems during his junior year at UC Berkeley as a way to pay for his studies.

Paul Buchheit

Paul T. Buchheit, an American businessman and computer engineer, created Gmail. While developing the original version of Google AdSense, he also worked on Gmail. Paul Buchheit was a co-founder of the social network aggregator FriendFeed, which Facebook subsequently bought. Paul is also the managing partner of the investment firm Y Combinator. Paul Buchheit has 166 firms that he has so far invested in.

Naval Ravikant

An investor and businessman from India is named Naval Ravikant. He was the former chairman and CEO of AngelList, which he co-founded. Uber, FourSquare, Twitter,, Poshmark, Postmates, Thumbtack, Notion, SnapLogic, Opendoor, Clubhouse, Stack Overflow, Bolt, OpenDNS, Yammer, and Clearview AI are just a few of the companies he has invested in as an active angel investor. More than 70 exits and more than ten unicorn firms are the results of his investments. He is highly renowned throughout the financial community as the top Indian angle investor.


Top angel investors come from a range of backgrounds, and they, along with their advisors, are both believers in entrepreneurs and doubters of new businesses. They may provide entrepreneurs guidance and advise them clear of mistakes like bad sales, amateurish marketing, flawed technology, and other problems that seem like they should come first.

Silicon Valley is home to a diverse group of business investors with a variety of financial backgrounds. Investors from many industries—such as real estate, science, fashion, and higher education—occasionally join their ranks to profit from the start-up boom in a fast-growing industry.

Although the scope of this sort of investment is very limited, angel groups are in high demand because of their special expertise and readiness to support and assist a variety of startups and entrepreneurs.

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