Use Flipkart to exchange or sell your outdated appliances like your TV, refrigerator, phone, and washer

Use Flipkart to exchange or sell your outdated appliances

Flipkart will soon assist customers in exchanging or selling their outdated and broken electronics and appliances. Users will be able to trade in their outdated major appliances, such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, laptops, smartphones, and feature phones, for newer products under Flipkart’s new exchange programme for broken devices and appliances.

Details to use Flipkart to exchange or sell your outdated appliances like your TV, refrigerator, phone, and washer

According to Flipkart, this programme is intended to assist customers who find it difficult to get rid of their broken goods. With the help of this programme, they may completely avoid the headache of looking for a seller on their own in order to exchange or sell their outdated appliances and then arrange for delivery of the new ones.

The e-commerce portal also intends to reduce the amount of electronic trash produced by improperly discarding these gadgets. Flipkart has partnered with authorised suppliers who will make sure that this e-waste is disposed of responsibly. According to Flipkart, these vendors will either restore the broken item, recycle it, or dispose of it ethically, depending on its state.  

Notably, Flipkart pledged to take the required steps to wipe the data on smartphones, feature phones, and computers before they are repaired or discarded. Customers will also profit from buyback promotions, hand-in-hand product upgrades, and the ease of having broken appliances picked up at their doorstep.

Ashutosh Singh Chandel, Senior Director & Business Head, Re-Commerce at Flipkart, made the following official statement: “According to the MEITY policy paper, only 10% of the waste is collected for recycling, which necessitates the shift to a more circular approach for the sector. India is the third largest producer of e-waste in the world (with 3.2 million tonnes in 2019).

Flipkart wants to provide a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly, and practical alternative for getting rid of unwanted electronics and big appliances, he continued.

“This programme will act as a catalyst to transition to a circular economy and reduce the impact on the environment, in addition to benefiting our valued customers,” Chandel added.

Flipkart is making use of its huge logistical network to avoid the difficulty of setting up the delivery of the aforementioned equipment. This will enable the appliance to be exchanged in a single visit. As a result, the logistical restrictions will be lifted.

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