Vedanta will establish an iPhone manufacturing facility in India

Vedanta will establish an iPhone manufacturing facility

Vedanta will establish a manufacturing facility in Maharashtra to produce Apple iPhones and other television equipment in an effort to increase electronics manufacturing in India. According to Chairman Anil Agarwal in an interview, Vedanta Ltd. may consider setting up a hub to produce Apple TVs, iPhones, and other electronic devices.

Details about the Vedanta will establish an iPhone manufacturing facility in India:

Tuesday saw the announcement by Vedanta and Foxconn of a $19.5 billion commitment to build semiconductor and display manufacturing facilities in Gujarat.

According to Mr. Agarwal in the interview, the business will establish a hub in Maharashtra to produce iPhones and other television equipment, adding that this will serve as a “kind of forward integration for the Gujarat JV factory.”

Mr. Agarwal noted that the oil-to-metals company would potentially consider the electric vehicle (EV) market.

The core of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s carbon reduction plan is the introduction of EVs. India wants electric vehicles to make up 30% of all new automobile sales by 2030.

Not just Vedanta, but also the largest Indian conglomerate Tata Group is said to be in discussions with Apple supplier Wistron to create a local joint venture for the production of electronics, including iPhones. The Tata Group is investigating the possibility of producing cellphones locally for the first time. Currently, the company manufactures salt, automobiles, electric vehicles, and software in India.

Both Vedanta and Tata have not yet acknowledged the move, and neither business has offered a timetable for when the hub will be established.

According to various media sources, Apple is presently coordinating with its Indian suppliers to produce the iPhone 14 domestically in India within the next two to three months. In comparison to last year or years ago, the timescale for local production is now substantially shorter.

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