Vision Pro, Apple’s first mixed-reality headset, is unveiled

Vision Pro, Apple's first mixed-reality headset, is unveiled

At its annual WWDC23 event on Monday, Apple unveiled the highly anticipated mixed reality headgear that seamlessly’ transitions between augmented and virtual reality from the present.

Indepth details about Vision Pro, Apple’s first mixed-reality headset, is unveiled

The headgear, according to chief executive Tim Cook, is “the first Apple device you look through, and not at. The headset has ski goggles-like styling. It is called Vision Pro, and it is a device without a controller that enables users to explore rows of programme icons by simply looking at them.

In addition to using their voice to issue commands, users can tap to pick and flick to scroll. The EyeSight device in the headset shows the user’s eyes.

According to Apple, the device employs passthrough video to enable users see the surrounding environment in all of its natural colour. Users may also project 3D items onto the surrounding environment, including plucking objects out of a message thread.

When a user is completely engrossed in a virtual environment, the outer screen turns dark or opaque. The headgear will display both the user and the approaching outsider to one another while the user is in full virtual mode. “You’re never isolated from the people around you,” Dye remarked. “They can see you, and you can see them.”

Apple demonstrated how the headgear can be used for business purposes along with a mouse and keyboard to operate like a conventional PC with numerous displays.

While the user is wearing the headset, a 3D camera on the device can record and replay a video. The business displayed a parent using the feature during a child’s birthday party.

Arcade and Disney have signed agreements with Apple to jointly develop content for the headgear. The AR/VR material that will be available on the headset starting on day one was unveiled by Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The business added that magnetic lenses for people who wear prescription glasses are made using Zeiss. The headset has an external battery that provides up to 2 hours of use, but it can be plugged in and used all day. Cloth-lined and modular, the headset mask and strap. It includes a glass front and an aluminium frame that houses a computer that appears to be cooled by a fan, along with five sensors, 12 cameras, and the display. According to the manufacturer, it can adapt to fit different face shapes and head sizes.

According to the manufacturer, the headset features its own operating system called VisionOS that was specifically created with spatial audio in mind.

The cost of VisionPro is $3,499, or roughly Rs 3 lakh. The business did not, however, make any precise price or availability announcements for India.

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