We always work to keep our prices as low as possible, Apple CEO Tim Cook said

We always work to keep our prices as low as possible, Apple CEO Tim Cook said

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, does not believe that its products are overpriced on the market. Cook discussed the newest iPhone models and the planned Apple TV+ subscription service in an interview with the German journal Stern. More insight into Cook’s thinking is provided by the interview that was conducted while visiting the Blinkist office in Berlin. Cook tweeted about the visit to this business that summarises non-fiction books and is situated in Berlin. The lingering query was cost even though the conversation was centred on Apple’s new subscription services.

Details on we always work to keep our prices as low as possible, Apple CEO Tim Cook said

Cook told the publication, “We always try to keep our prices as low as possible, and happily we were able to cut the price of the iPhone this year. According to a US announcement by Apple, the iPhone 11’s starting price would be $699 as opposed to the iPhone XR’s $749 starting price. Even in Europe, the price of the iPhone 11 is 800, which is 50 less than the price of the iPhone XR from the previous year. He also thinks that, in the cutthroat streaming business, Apple TV+ is priced favourably.

In the US, Apple TV+ will cost $4.99, while its monthly cost in Europe is $5. In contrast, Netflix’s least expensive plan in the European market is 8. Netflix’s cheapest plan is less tempting because it excludes HD video altogether. Cook thinks that despite its streaming TV service, Netflix is not terrified of it. He points out that the market for online video streaming is not a “winner takes all” kind of industry. He observes that many people have many subscriptions at once, and he wants Apple TV+ to be one of them.

Cook also discussed Elizabeth Warren, the 2021 Democratic nominee for president. Warren has advocated for the split of numerous large tech companies, including Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and others. The US Supreme Court is exerting pressure on the iPhone manufacturer as well. Cook stated in the interview that “no sane person would ever call Apple a monopolist.” He continued by saying that the App Store is meant to be a reliable location to buy apps. In contrast to more than two million other apps, “we have 30 to 40,” he continued.

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