Without a priest, ChatGPT makes history by performing the wedding ceremony

Without a priest, ChatGPT makes history by performing the wedding ceremony

A unique coupling was blessed in a historic church constructed in the 1800s that incorporated cutting-edge technology and tradition in a wedding ceremony that was officiated by none other than ChatGPT. Last weekend, Reece Wiench and Deyton Truitt got married, with the ChatGPT AI app’s voice presiding.

Details on without a priest, ChatGPT makes history by performing the wedding ceremony

As long as both spouses agree, Colorado enables couples to get married privately. The couple decided to get married last-minute and took advantage of AI technology to conduct their ceremony, which made it simpler and more affordable.

The bride’s father, Stephen Wiench, reportedly came up with the concept after finding it difficult to use an AI bot at first, according to a story by CBS Colorado. “At first, it replied, ‘No. “I can’t do this; I don’t have eyes or a body,” said the speaker. I’m sorry, but I can’t officiate at your wedding,” Wiench recounted. However, they persisted and eventually had success with ChatGPT, which consented to officiate the ceremony. The chatbot agreed to officiate their wedding after the couple gave it the necessary information. 

Although the couple wrote their own vows and added special touches, they gave ChatGPT personal information to incorporate into the ceremony’s script. A message informing the 30 guests present that AI will officiate the wedding was sent to them.

According to a statement from ChatGPT, “We are honored to celebrate this historic moment, where love and technology intersect.” A robot mask was placed over a speaker to give the appearance that the officiant was human.

The AI officiant addressed the crowd, saying, “We are honored & grateful to each and every one of you here, especially those who have traveled out of state — notably, Kansas.” The bride and groom exchanged their own sincere vows, bringing some warmth from the human side to the technologically advanced event.

The fact that Reece Wiench and Deyton Truitt met through an online dating app did not come as a surprise in the modern world. And now that ChatGPT has included “wedding officiant” in its list of various job titles, their union will go down in history.

“ChatGPT took something personal to humans like a wedding and enhanced it,” said Stephen Wiench. The event was a distinctive and unforgettable experience in the guests’ eyes as well.

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