You would required a solid LinkedIn profile for house rent in Bangalore

You would required a solid LinkedIn profile for house rent in Bangalore

Make sure you have degrees from universities like the IIT, IIM, or ISB if you are looking for a house to rent in Bengaluru. This is so that landlords can request them and check out the LinkedIn profiles of potential tenants before renting a home.

A brief about you would required a solid LinkedIn profile for house rent in Bangalore:

Degrees do count when looking for housing in Bengaluru, thus whoever indicated that they don’t matter probably hasn’t looked for a flat or a room to rent there. If you do not graduate from an IIT or an IIM, you may be rejected in Bengaluru, just like on matrimony websites. A man in Bengaluru recently tweeted a screenshot of an odd conversation he had with his broker in which he was denied by a landlord because he didn’t have an IIM or IIT degree.

Priyansh Jain was shocked when a Bengaluru landlord turned down his application for a single occupancy apartment since he did not attend a prestigious university. If you live alone, with a partner, or if you practice a specific faith or sect, some landlords may refuse to rent you a property. However, Bengaluru locals are curious about more than just your relationship status or religion; they also want to see what your Linkedin profile looks like.

When Jain asked about a flat on Facebook, the person requested the URL to his Linkedin profile. The guy who placed the ad requested his background information. He added that the business owner was looking for someone with a particular background before moving on to inquire about Jain’s workplace and educational background. Jain replied that he was a vegetarian and worked for the Australian software business Atlassian. Jain assumed that the individual might not be willing to rent his apartment to a non-vegetarian, like any other newcomer who is unaware of the requirements of a new city, but being a vegetarian can boost his chances of receiving the residence. But he was mistaken.

Jain responded that he had attended VIT Vellore, a private engineering college in Vellore when the broker inquired about his college. The broker then replied, much to his surprise, “No,” stating that the owner would only rent the apartment to individuals from particular colleges, such as IIMs, IITs, or ISB.

It became out that he was speaking with other brokers as well. The other broker he spoke to also requested the URL to his LinkedIn profile, indicating that this practice had spread throughout Bengaluru. The fact that a similar tweet went viral in 2021 demonstrates how Bengaluru landlords have been engaging in this practice for a while.

Twitter users’ reactions to Jain’s article were conflicting. Many locals who have experienced similar occurrences in the city have attested to the fact that such behaviors are common in Bengaluru. One of the users stated that it had not only begun in Hyderabad but was also happening in Bengaluru.

A Twitter user responded to Jain’s article by writing, “Your parents must have forced you to study hard if you’re in IIT. Actually, the reason I entered IIT was to obtain the apartment I had always desired.

The owner is seeking a secure renter who will be able to pay rent smoothly without any defaults, therefore the background check on education and workplace commented another user who appeared supportive of Bengaluru’s new tenant hunting methods.

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