100 British companies will switch to a 4-day working permanently

100 British companies will switch to a 4-day working permanently

At first, 100 businesses in the UK have chosen to switch to a permanent four-day workweek for all employees with no pay cut. The new working pattern is expected to help about 2,600 workers at 100 companies.

A brief about 100 British companies will switch to a 4-day working permanently:

The two largest companies that have joined are Atom Bank and international marketing firm Awin, each of which employs roughly 450 people in the UK.

According to The Guardian, Adam Ross, the chief executive of Awin, called the four-day workweek “one of the most revolutionary efforts we’ve seen in the history of the organization.”

The five-day schedule, according to advocates of the four-day workweek, is a holdover from a previous economic era. They contend that a four-day workweek would encourage businesses to increase production, allowing them to produce the same amount of work in less time.

As part of a trial with scholars from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, Boston College, and think tank Autonomy, the UK Campaign is also organizing the largest pilot program in the world, involving roughly 70 enterprises and 3,300 employees.

In a survey conducted in the middle of the trial in September, 88% of those businesses stated the four-day workweek was “good” working for their business at that time. According to the analysis, 95% of the businesses surveyed claimed that productivity has either improved or kept the same after the introduction.

The majority of businesses that have formally switched to a four-day workweek are in the service industry, such as IT, event, or marketing firms. The campaign did claim that certain employers in the industrial and construction industries had also registered.

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