Adani Group wins bid of the project to Redevelopment Dharavi

Adani Group wins bid of the project to Redevelopment Dharavi

According to a report, the Adani Group has won the contract for the highly sought-after Dharavi redevelopment project, one of Mumbai’s major slum clusters.

In-depth details about Adani Group wins bid of the project to Redevelopment Dharavi:

“We received three offers and opened two financial bids from Adani and DLF because Naman Group did not meet the technical bidding requirements. Adani Group offered Rs 5,069 crore, while DLF offered Rs 2,025 crore.

The three businesses that made proposals for the renovation of Dharavi and the rehabilitation of slum dwellers were Adani Realty, DLF, and Naman Group. After countless failed attempts over the previous 15 years, the rehabilitation of Dharavi will soon start.

The Maharashtra government published a global tender for the development and rehabilitation of Dharavi on October 1 following an unsuccessful attempt in 2019.

Eight companies from India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and South Korea expressed interest in the reconstruction of Dharavi during the pre-bid meeting on October 11. However, only three companies filed bids for the reconstruction.

Over 600 acres of prime land are made available through the reconstruction of Dharavi, one of the largest slums in Asia. It is located in the center of Mumbai, adjacent to South Mumbai and the Bandra Kurla Complex, the city’s commercial district.

The epidemic had a significant impact on Dharavi, one of the most densely populated slums in the world with an estimated one million residents. After the critically acclaimed movie “Slumdog Millionaire” was released in 2008, the region experienced a sharp rise in popularity.

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