66% of employees would not recommend their job to their children

66% of employees would not recommend their job to their children

Almost 46% of global employees would not recommend their company or profession to their children or a young person in their care. In India, 66% of employees said they would not recommend their job to their children or any other young person they care about.

Details about 66% of employees would not recommend their job to their children

The Workforce Institute at UKG polled employees and leaders in ten countries to find out how people truly feel about their jobs. According to the survey, We Can Fix Work, while nearly half of employees would not recommend their firm to someone they care about, a frightening 38% “wouldn’t want my job on my worst enemy.”

“As discovered in this survey, employees and executives alike prioritize finding meaning in their job over making money. “We must recognize that, in these changing times, we are navigating towards a generation of workers who do not necessarily rely on their job for survival; rather, their work adds value to their lives and fuels their existing passions,” said Neil J Solomon, vice president, Asia Pacific, and Latin America at UKG.

“For a workforce such as this, we need to develop a workplace culture that nourishes and nurtures the overall development of its employees, takes care of their physical as well as mental wellbeing, appreciates their efforts, and maintains a mutual sense of respect with individuals at different levels of the organization irrespective of hierarchies. This is the start of the future of work, and employee centricity is at the heart of it,” he continued.

Because of the epidemic, there has been a recent growth in the anti-work mindset globally, with 77 percent of employees worldwide wanting to spend less time working and more time doing things that matter to them.

Employees’ relationships with their employers suffer when they work overtime more than twice per week, and they are much less inclined to suggest their employment or firms to the following generation.

Employees in India topped the global records, with 89% indicating they are motivated to pursue deeper meaning at work, the highest of any country questioned.

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