A Bengaluru couple harassed and fined for walking on the road by the Police

Bengaluru couple harassed and fined for walking on the road by the Police

A couple in Bengaluru claims that police officers in Karnataka reportedly “threatened” and “harassed” them for walking on a street after midnight. Karthik Patri, who had to pay Rs 1,000 using the payment gateway application Paytm for “breaking the law,” tweeted about his ordeal, which brought the event to light.

In-Depth about A Bengaluru couple harassed and fined for walking on the road by the Police:

Karthik shared his experience in a series of tweets, asking for help from the police after reporting that a short stroll from a friend’s birthday party to their house constituted “breaking the law.” A Bengaluru Police official then took note of the occurrence and started an investigation. The Sampigehalli Police Station’s accused constable and head constable were both suspended for fining the couple.

The Bengaluru resident sent 15 tweets in a Twitter thread, saying, “I want to tell you about a horrible thing my wife and I went through last night. Midnight was approaching at 12:30.”

He said that when two police officers asked them for their ID cards just for walking on the street at night, they were “taken aback.”

“We were requested to present our ID cards by two men in police attire. We were shocked by that. Why should a normal day adult couple going down the street be required to provide their ID cards?” Karthik composed.

The police not only interrogated them repeatedly about their relationship but also took their mobile phones, proving that the alleged harassment had no limitations.

“We gently responded to their queries although feeling a little uneasy. One of them then pulled out what appeared to be a challan book and began writing down our names and Aadhaar numbers. We inquired about the purpose of the challan after noticing a problem “the man tweeted about it.

The pair was informed by one of the inspectors that they were not “allowed” to “roam on the road” after 11 p.m. The couple then asked if there was such regulation or law.

“We apologized for not knowing the regulation and promised them we wouldn’t go out at night again. Though we were past it, it seemed like two men were anticipating this very moment. They wouldn’t let us leave and wanted a fine of Rs 3,000. Our spirits sank.” Karthik told.

According to Karthik, the policemen were eager to scam civilians and they fell for their illegal strategies.

“They refused to budge despite our pleading with them to let us leave. They became rougher when we appealed to them and even threatened to arrest us “Karthik said.

He further stated that despite his wife’s obvious sorrow after he paid the policeman, they refused to drop their outrageous demand. They demanded Rs 1,000 from the man and warned of “dire repercussions” if they were ever seen walking down the street again.

My wife was crying, and I could hardly keep it together, Karthik said.

“Is this not torture that is sanctioned by the law? Is this how law-abiding, honorable residents of our country are supposed to be treated?” While acknowledging that the incident left a “deep scar” on both his wife and him, Karthik questioned Bengaluru Police.

Anoop Shetty, Deputy Commissioner of Police, North East Division, Bengaluru City, responded to the threat in response to Karthik’s tweets and promised the couple that they would face harsh punishment. He also requested information from others about similar occurrences.

“We appreciate you letting us know about it. They will be identified, and severe punishment will be meted out. In these circumstances, we also ask that people DM us “Shetty answered.

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