A Kerala Auto-Rickshaw Driver Anoop won Rs 25 Crore in the Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery

Kerala Auto-Rickshaw Driver Anoop won Rs 25 crore

A Kerala auto-rickshaw driver who won the Onam bumper lucky draw competition has overnight become a “crorepati.” Anoop, the winner, won the jackpot of Rs. 25 crores on Sunday, just one day after his request for an Rs. 3 lakh loan was approved.

The ecstatic auto-rickshaw driver was heard saying, “The bank contacted regarding the loan and I stated I don’t need it anymore.”

An overview about Kerala Auto-Rickshaw Driver Anoop won Rs 25 crore in the Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery:

On September 18, the Kerala State Lottery Department released the Onam Bumper 2022 results. Anoop, an auto driver from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, won the first prize in the Onam bumper lottery for Rs 25 crore, making it one of the most Hollywood-like lotteries wins in the state.

Anoop will receive approximately Rs 15.75 crore in his account out of the Rs 25 crore he won after taxes. Anoop will finally realize his dream of starting a restaurant thanks to this win, which is a significant turn in his wheel of fortune. Anoop, a chef-turned-auto driver who enjoys cooking, wants to move to Malaysia and work as a chef there. Anoop’s relatives expressed their joy at the victory. He intends to use the funds to pay off previous obligations and construct a house for his family. Additionally, he wishes to save some money for charitable giving and assisting our relatives.

He purchased the winning ticket, TJ 750605, on Saturday. When he saw that he had won the jackpot the following day, he found it difficult to believe.

“I didn’t watch the lotto results on TV because I didn’t think I would win. However, I discovered that I had won when I looked at my phone. I showed my wife since I couldn’t believe it. She claimed it was indeed the winning number “said he.

“I called a woman I know who sells lottery tickets since I was still agitated and texted her a picture of my ticket. She claimed that was indeed the winning number “said Anoop.

He continued by saying that the winning ticket was not his first pick. Anoop informed the journalists that he didn’t like the first ticket he picked, so he went with another one that ended up winning.

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