A rickshaw driver starts a startup business and hires IIT and IIM graduates

A rickshaw driver starts a startup business and hires IIT and IIM graduates

There are some people in this world who have demonstrated that working hard and maintaining hope under the most difficult circumstances will eventually pay off. The narrative of Dilkhush Kumar supports that. He is a native of a small hamlet in Bihar and used to pull rickshaws and sell vegetables. Nonetheless, he is currently the founder and CEO of the billion-dollar company RodBez.

In-depth details about a rickshaw driver starts a startup business and hires IIT and IIM graduates

Dilkhush is from Bangaon, which is a district in Bihar called Saharsa. He just finished studying for Class 12. He desired to launch his own business and offer cab services in Bihar. Kumar then began Rodbez. The startup is not like Uber or Ola, other cab service companies. In essence, it is a database corporation that links passengers with taxi drivers and offers transportation for outstation trips longer than 50 km.

Dilkhush claimed, when speaking with GNT Digital, that graduates from top schools like IIT Guwahati were hired to work at Rodbez and that they shared his vision. He added that some IIM students have also taken part-time jobs with his firm.

Dilkhush became a little upset as he talked about his past and revealed that he once worked as a rickshaw puller in Delhi. In Patna, he additionally offered vegetable street sales. He was viewed as unpolished and uninformed when he went for a guard job interview. Also, Dilkhush was asked to recognise the iPhone logo, which he was unable to do because it was his first encounter with an iPhone. He never gave up though because he had a family to support.

Dilkhush’s father, a bus driver, taught him how to drive. Due to a shortage of funds, he only completed Class 12 before starting his driving career.

Indeed, he just had a used Tata Nano when he began Rodbez. Nonetheless, Dilkhush and his colleagues were able to raise Rs 4 crore in just 6-7 months after launching Rodbez. The business is now offering service in the first phase from Patna to each village in Bihar. The second phase will link cities together. Their goal is to provide taxi service to every community in Bihar. They intend to eventually extend the services outside of Bihar as well.

The compensation that the firm offers to drivers is what I like best about Rodbez. Dilkhush is aware of the drivers’ lives and pays them between Rs 55,000 and 60,000 a month.

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