Amazon fires 9000 employees once again as Impacted departments & the severance package

Amazon fires 9000 employees once again as Impacted departments & the severance package

Another round of layoffs at Amazon have been announced, affecting 9,000 workers. Between November and January, the business let go of almost 18,000 employees because of the “uncertain economy.” Although workers from Amazon’s People, Experience, and Technology (PXT) business are once again affected, this round of layoffs affects additional teams. This section houses Amazon’s HR division, which also makes use of AI for talent retention and hiring.

Details about Amazon fires 9000 employees once again as Impacted departments & the severance package

The business opted to reduce costs and headcount because of the “uncertain economy” and “uncertainty that exists in the foreseeable future,” according to a memo from Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. The main goal of our yearly planning this year, continues Jassy, “was to be leaner while yet doing so in a way that allows us to invest robustly in the important long-term customer experiences that we believe may truly benefit customers’ lives and Amazon as a whole.”

The message also makes clear that Amazon is laying off employees from Twitch, PXT, Advertising, and AWS (Amazon Web Service). As previously announced, Amazon is eliminating 9,000 positions, however it is yet unknown how many departments would be affected. Significantly, Amazon’s move to reduce Twitch workforce comes just days after CEO Emmett Shear announced his resignation.

Employees from Amazon’s book and hardware (Echo) businesses were laid off earlier. It’s interesting to note that Jassy predicted in November that “established industries like Shops, Advertising, and AWS” would present “huge potential” for Amazon.

The email explains that Amazon is firing employees once more since it did not complete its business analyses by the end of the fall and “rushed through” its evaluations.

Details on impacted teams are still being finalised by Amazon. It indicates that before notifying employees of their termination, the corporation is evaluating their performance and other indicators. The memo from Jassy states that the corporation will shortly speak with those workers or their representative organisations. The procedure will last until the middle or end of April.

A “separation payout, transitional health insurance coverage, and external job placement support” are among the “packages” that impacted employees will receive. The severance payout will be based on the roles held by the employees and the local labour laws. Following the news of layoffs in January, Amazon HR head Beth Galetti wrote to employees to inform them that the business will provide a separation payment, health coverage as appropriate for each region, and job placement.

It’s unclear if Amazon employees would have the option to speed up the vesting of their stock awards.

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