Anand Mahindra Meets Bill Gates, His “Classmate”

Anand Mahindra Meets Bill Gates

Anand Mahindra, a business billionaire, recently met Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates again during the latter’s visit to India. Going to Twitter, the Mahindra Group chairman shared a picture with the billionaire and claimed they spoke about partnering to “multiply social effect”. Mr Mahindra further revealed that Mr Gates signed his book and wished his “classmate” the best.

A brief about Anand Mahindra Meets Bill Gates, His “Classmate”

“It’s great to see @BillGates again. And, shockingly, the entire conversation between our teams was about how we could work together to double social impact rather than about IT or any other business. (But there was some benefit for me; I received a complimentary, autographed copy of his book) “In the caption, Mr Mahindra said.

Incidentally, Mr Mahindra previously claimed that he and Microsoft founder Bill Gates were classmates at Harvard in 1973 before Mr Gates famously dropped out to work on his company. As a result, Mr Gates added in Mr Mahindra’s signed copy, “To Anand, Best wishes to my classmate!”

Mr Mahindra shared the post just a few hours ago, and it has since received over 58,000 views and 2,262 likes. “Two Jewels in the aim of transforming society as a whole,” one Twitter user commented. “Two inspirations in one frame,” said another.

Meanwhile, Mr Gates previously met with RBI governor Shaktikanta Das in the RBI office in Mumbai and discussed a variety of topics with him.  “Mr. @BillGates visited RBI Mumbai today and held wide-ranging discussions with Governor @DasShaktikanta,” The Reserve Bank of India issued a tweet.

Bill Gates said this week on his own blog, Gates Notes, that he would be visiting India to assess the country’s growth over the years. “I’ll be returning to India next week. I haven’t been back since before the pandemic, despite spending a lot of time there over the years doing anything from checking out toilets to visiting a village that is home to one of India’s poorest, most mistreated castes. I’m looking forward to seeing how far we’ve come in that time “He put pen to paper.

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