Baba, starring Rajinikanth, will have a re-released in theatres


Baba, a 2002 cult classic starring Rajinikanth, will soon be shown in theatres once more. For the benefit of the modern viewer, the movie has been re-edited and digitally improved. Its tracks have also been remixed to give them a contemporary flavor. 

Director Suresh Krissna’s supernatural action-thriller is titled, Baba. Thalaivar himself produced the movie. Despite being a commercial flop, Baba gradually gained popularity among Rajinikanth’s followers.

In-Depth details about Baba, starring Rajinikanth, will have a re-released in theatres:

Baba, starring Rajinikanth, will shortly be re-released in Tamil Nadu theatres. A press statement claims that the movie has been re-edited from a novel perspective to better appeal to young people.

The statement stated: “The movie is currently preparing for a new screening with a fresh look and an entirely new angle of editing. Additionally, using this cutting-edge technology, every frame is digitally improved with color grading. The whole soundtrack of the movie has songs by AR Rahman, including “Maya Maya” and “Shakti Kodu.”

Baba was centered on an agnostic who had a profound realization. Rajinikanth, Manisha Koirala, Amrish Puri, and Ashish Vidyarthi led an excellent cast. AR Rahman was the composer of the music. The film earned mixed to unfavorable reviews and was a box-office disappointment. Rajinikanth then took a hiatus from acting. He eventually returned with Chandramukhi (2005), which was a box-office success.

In the current, Rajinikanth is working on the film Jailer. Nelson Dilipkumar directs the film. It is expected to hit theatres in April 2023.

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