Before Valentine’s Day, Indian men use ChatGPT to write love letters

Indian men use ChatGPT to write love letters

Ladies, beware of perfectly written and elegant love letters you may receive on Valentine’s Day if the author isn’t your man but rather an AI tool. OpenAI’s AI technology ChatGPT has now helped out ineffective men who struggle to write a few words for their partners after passing some of the most challenging exams by copying famous authors. More than 60% of Indians plan to use ChatGPT to help them compose love letters this Valentine’s Day, according to a McAfee study. The majority of the eight nations’ residents who used an AI programme to send love letters were Indians.

A brief about Before Valentine’s Day, Indian men use ChatGPT to write love letters

In order to understand how AI and the internet are transforming love and relationships, McAfee surveyed 5,000 people in nine different nations for their research paper titled “Modern Love.” In comparison to all other nations, 62% of Indian males intended to use the ChatGPT.

According to the survey, 27% of respondents believe that using ChatGPT to write their letters will give them more self-assurance, yet 49% have expressed dissatisfaction in ChatGPT-written love letters they have received.

The likelihood of obtaining machine-generated information is increasing, according to Steve Grobman, chief technology officer at McAfee. This is especially true of tools like ChatGPT, which are accessible to anybody with a web browser.

According to the survey, more than 69% of participants were unable to detect the difference between a love letter written by AI and one that was written by a human since the letters felt so authentic. A computer-generated note was chosen by more than 65%.

“While certain applications of AI may seem harmless enough, we also know that hackers employ AI to scale their illegal behaviour. Additionally, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s critical to watch out for warning indications of fraudulent activity, such as shady requests for cash or private information. Love-seekers should utilise security tools to protect their privacy and identity, prevent them from clicking on harmful links that a fraudster might send, and be cautious in order to locate a legitimate match, Grobman continued.

In other words, you know who to compliment and who to criticise if your letter seems too wonderful to be true. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, thus anything that comes from the heart is worth more than a message that an AI tool can compose using thoughtful language.

There isn’t a single area where ChatGPT hasn’t demonstrated its skill.

The AI tool allegedly obtained an entry-level coding position at Google after passing the most difficult exams. The search engine has now also revealed Bard, an AI tool that will compete with ChatGPT. It will be interesting to watch how Bard deals with ChatGPT going forward.

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