Bengaluru man orders groceries from Swiggy Instamart for Rs. 16 lakh

Bengaluru man orders groceries from Swiggy Instamart for Rs. 16 lakh

Swiggy has released a detailed list of the top Indian orders placed through its app in 2022. In 2022, the most popular dish, according to the firm, was biryani. Intriguingly, the #1 meal in India throughout the previous seven years was biryani. A man from Bengaluru placed the greatest single-user order for groceries through Swiggy Instamart, totaling Rs 16 Lakh, according to Swiggy.

A brief about Bengaluru man orders groceries from Swiggy Instamart for Rs. 16 lakh:

The recent Swiggy story about its outlandish orders confirms the adage that there is no greater love than the love of food. During Diwali, a man from Bengaluru placed a single order for Rs 75,378 while a man from Pune spent Rs 71,229 on burgers and fries for his entire team. You certainly need someone on your team like that, don’t you? Nothing, however, compares to the Bengaluru man who spent Rs 16 lakh on food.

With its speedy delivery, Swiggy Instamart has made our life easier. The software reduces the need to leave the house unless absolutely required, although it occasionally prompts you to order items that are unnecessary. This most likely applied to the man who shelled out an astounding Rs 16 lakh on groceries. 

According to Swiggy, the fastest order that Instamart delivered was to a customer who was 50 meters from the store and arrived in 1.03 minutes. Milk and quick noodles were among the most popular Swiggy Instamart orders.

In addition, Swiggy provided the full list of the foods that Indians had ordered the most this year. Given how much we Indians adore Chicken Biryani, it is no surprise that it is the meal that Indians order the most frequently. Masala Dosa, Chicken Fried Rice, Paneer Butter Masala, Butter Naan, Veg Fried Rice, Veg Biryani, & Tandoori Chicken came in close second to Biryani.

Indian users experimented with food a lot this year, Swiggy reported, in addition to tandoori and Mughlai cuisine. This year, people ordered a lot of Korean and Italian food, according to Swiggy. The list of foods that people order the most also includes Italian Pasta, Pizza, Mexican Bowls, Spicy Ramen, Sushi, Ravioli (Italian), and Bibimbap (Korean).

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