Check Out the Features of Tata’s Newest Special Jet Edition Safari, which was Just Unveiled

Tata's Safari Jet Edition

In India, the holiday season is quickly approaching, which is when many consumers consider buying a car. To entice customers, manufacturers use a variety of strategies, such as debuting new models and offering substantial discounts.

On the other hand, Tata has made it a habit to release limited editions of their current models; the most recent Tata’s Newest Special Jet Edition Safari.

Details about the Tata’s Newest Special Jet Edition Safari:

The ultra-luxurious business jets with their lounge-like seats and general air of refinement served as the inspiration for the design of the Tata Jet Edition. This unique edition is offered for four SUVs from Tata, including the flagship Safari, Harrier, Nexon, and Nexon EV. The earthy bronze and platinum silver roof of the “Starlight” appearance is applied to all the vehicles.

The wheels and grille, among other components, have also been covered in black. Use the bronze colour for the dashboard, door trim, and stitching inside SUVs. The Jet Edition SUVs get certain feature upgrades in addition to their unique appearance. The cars’ mechanical components have not changed.

Tata Safari Jet Edition Specifications:

Tata’s top-of-the-line SUV receives the Jet Edition facelift and now has a dual-tone exterior colour. The grille and 18-inch alloy wheels have also been blacked out. The fenders are adorned with Jet badging. Bronze is extensively used inside the cabin, from the doors and seat stitching to the techno-steel inspired dashboard inlay.

The headrests of the front seats are embroidered with the word “Jet,” while the second row seats have headrests with wings that may be folded to wrap around for further comfort. Additionally, the Safari has Type-C charging connections in the third row. Driver sleepiness alert, panic brake alert, and alert after impact braking are additional updates to the Safari’s safety package.

Only the top-trim XZ+ and XZA+ trims with all six and seven-seater choices are offered with the Safari Jet Edition.

Prices for the Tata Safari Jet Edition:

Rs 21.45 lakh Safari XZ+ 6S
Rs 22.75 lakh Safari XZA+ 6S
Rs 21.35 lakh Safari XZ+
Rs 22.65 lakh Safari XZA+

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