Dandera introduces OTUA, a three-wheeled cargo EV with a range of up to 300 kilometers

Dandera introduces OTUA

If the name seems familiar, that’s because Dandera Ventures first debuted the 3-wheeler freight EV OTUA on the well-known business reality series Shark Tank and even inked a deal with Ashneer Grover, the co-founder and previous managing director of BharatPe.

Details about Dandera introduces OTUA, a three-wheeled cargo EV:

The wordplay in the term OTUA plays off the regular Auto that we come across every day. However, the business will exclusively concentrate on the cargo industry and will not introduce a passenger vehicle.

OTUA is the first cargo EV to offer an uncompromising vision of transitioning to sustainable mobility for the global logistics and last mile delivery industry, according to Kshitij Bajaj, founder, and chief executive officer of OTUA. “From world-class and industry-leading driver ergonomics and safety to outright performance in terms of range, volume, and capacity, OTUA is the first cargo EV.”

Features of OTUA’s EV cars:

The 3-wheeled cargo EV OTUA has a range of up to 300 kilometers. According to the manufacturer, the top-end variant will have a range of up to 300 km while the base variant would have a range of up to 165 km.

The OTUA has a carrying volume of 183CC, a capacity of 900 kg, and a 12.8kW motor. According to the manufacturer, it has the highest load-carrying capability in the sector.

The OTUA is a car featuring air conditioning and a roomy cabin for the driver.

According to Dandera, the vehicle was created for last-mile delivery and logistics firms. It hasn’t stated whether it intends to collaborate with any of the current businesses, though.

Price & Availability of OTUA EV Vehicles

Price ranges for the OTUA range from 3.5 lakh to 5.5 lakh. Pre-ordering is currently possible, and the business has announced that deliveries will start in the first quarter of 2023. The car would initially be offered in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Delhi NCR.

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