The manufacturing of iPhones in India by the Tata Group could begin soon

manufacturing of iPhones in India by the Tata Group

There are rumors that the Tata Group and Apple supplier Wistron are forming a joint venture to manufacture electronics in India and create iPhones there. The most recent source indicates that Tata is considering working with the Taiwanese supplier to develop.

In-depth details about The manufacturing of iPhones in India by the Tata Group: 

Reduce reliance on China as the world’s primary iPhone producer by producing iPhones in India. If the contract is approved, Tata Group may soon begin producing iPhones in India.

With the help of its suppliers, Apple already assembles a few different iPhone models in India, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone SE, iPhone 11, and a few more. The company works with three Indian suppliers, Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron, to make these iPhone models. Recent sources state that the largest Indian conglomerate, the Tata Group, will collaborate with Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron to manufacture iPhones in India.

Tata Group has only recently begun to contemplate making phones. Tata now produces salt, cars, electric cars, and software in India. Infiniti Retail, a Tata subsidiary, is the owner of Croma, one of India’s major retail chains for consumer electronics products.

Tata Group and Wistron have an unofficial partnership, but it is clear that the corporation aspires to be the first Indian company to manufacture iPhones there. The country could be able to convince more and more global IT companies to adopt the “made in India” approach and export their products outside of Tata starts manufacturing of iPhones in India.

Now, if Wistron and Tata Group do collaborate to manufacture iPhones in India, production may start with the recently introduced iPhone 14.

Apple is reportedly looking for alternative manufacturing locations to lessen its reliance on China, according to many stories over the past few months. According to further sources, the tech giant is collaborating with its Indian suppliers to produce the iPhone 14 there in the next two to three months, which is earlier than it would have been a year or more ago.

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