Domestic LPG Costs have been Hiked by Rs. 50 per Cylinder – Affects Consumers as Cooking Gas Cylinders Will Costlier 

Domestic LPG

Domestic LPG gas Costs have been Hiked by Rs. 50 per Cylinder, which will eventually affect the consumers as the cooking gas cylinders will be costlier from today.

The general populace will be impacted by an increase in LPG prices because they are now bearing the brunt of the market’s escalating fuel prices. The cost of a 14.2 kg cylinder of non-subsidized LPG gas is now Rs 1,053, except for BPL beneficiaries of the Ujjwala program. Beneficiaries of Ujjwala must pay Rs 853.

Details about Domestic LPG cooking gas cylinders price hike:

The cost of LPG cylinders for commercial use has been drastically reduced by oil marketing corporations (OMCs). As of today, September 1, 2022, OMCs have decreased the retail price of the 19-kg LPG cylinder for commercial use by Rs 91.50.

The announcement states that a 19-kilogram commercial gas cylinder in Delhi would now cost Rs 1,885. Three significant cities are Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai which have seen a drop in the cost of commercial LPG cylinders.

A commercial cylinder now costs Rs 1,995.50 instead of Rs 2,095.50 in Kolkata. Similar to Mumbai, a commercial cylinder in Chennai will cost Rs 2,045 as opposed to Rs 2,141 and Rs 1,844 as opposed to Rs 1,936.50.

From its peak of Rs 2,354 on May 19, the price of the gas cylinder declined to Rs 2,219 on June 1. The price of the cylinder dropped by Rs 98 after a month to Rs 2,021. The price of this cylinder was lowered by the oil firms on July 6 to Rs 2,012.50. As of August, the cost of the cylinder was Rs 1976.50.

But as of yet, the price of home LPG cylinders hasn’t altered. LPG prices are adjusted twice a month by OMCs, which are: once at the beginning and once in the middle.

The cost of LPG varies from city to city and is updated monthly. Every month’s first day sees the implementation of any pricing modifications.

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