Shah Rukh Khan joins A23 as its New Campaign’s Brand Ambassador

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is the brand ambassador for the Indian multi-gaming platform A23, which has unveiled a new advertising campaign. The brand wants to promote ethical gaming and reflect its superiority in rummy in a sympathetic way. 

The first round of advertisements was televised live to the general audience against the backdrop of Sunday’s Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan.

A brief about the A23 New Campaign featuring Shah Rukh Khan Brand Ambassador:

A23 Head Digital Works said on Monday, August 29, that Shah Rukh Khan would continue to act as the brand ambassador for their upcoming advertising campaign. With this project, the company aims to showcase its overall gaming capabilities in a fun and open way for everyone, while also highlighting the importance of responsible gaming.

Over four crore players on A23 watch the new advertisement, which portrays Shah Rukh Khan as the “Badshah” of rummy. These movies also include a variety of A23-playable rummy variations. A23 is also releasing the second edition of its “Responsible Gaming” commercials to better underline its position and the brand’s belief in playing responsibly and ethically.

“Over the course of our journey, we have experienced a lot of love and acceptance from our platform’s audience, and this would not have been possible without the way we positioned our brand. As the forerunners of skill-based gaming in India today, we think it’s critical to periodically stress the value of responsible gaming to make sure that users are conscious of how much time and money they spend on our platform. This fresh batch of commercials represents yet another step in reinforcing the message of our brand, according to Deepak Gullapalli, founder and CEO of Head Digital Works. 

“I am happy to see that A23 has expanded on its messaging on ethical gaming in this commercial as well. A23 will continue to emphasize that we are still the only company in this market to support this cause, according to Shahrukh Khan.

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