Employees at Amazon already use ChatGPT for coding software

Employees at Amazon already use ChatGPT for coding software

Amazon staff members are fast realising ChatGPT’s enormous potential as a work aid.

According to internal Slack messages obtained by Insider, Amazon has utilised ChatGPT, the eerily intelligent chatbot that has gained fame since its November release, in a variety of various work roles. That includes, as Insider has reported, providing answers to questions during job interviews, writing software code, and producing training materials.

In-depth details about Employees at Amazon already use ChatGPT for coding software

One employee mentioned in the Slack channel that the cloud division of Amazon Web Services has established a small working group to better understand how AI would affect its operations. Through testing, this team discovered that ChatGPT does a “very good job” of responding to AWS customer support inquiries because the majority of responses are based on open sources. The AI tool was also “excellent” at producing training materials and “extremely strong” at answering queries about business strategy.

This employee remarked on Slack that ChatGPT was also “excellent” in writing a troubleshooting guide for AWS Aurora database engineers and responding to “tough” support questions. Additionally, it had the ability to “determine a customer’s company goals.”

It’s one of the recent changes brought on by ChatGPT’s unexpected surge, which forced Amazon to alert staff about the use of the AI tool at work. Employees at Amazon were warned by a corporate lawyer not to divulge proprietary information to ChatGPT, as previously reported by Insider. Concerns are only increased by Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, which was unveiled earlier this week.

Although ChatGPT impressed many workers, it fell short in one area, according to the Slack messages: organising a “epic rap fight.” It’s most probable because it’s a “very advanced human cognitive job,” the employee noted.

The worker posted on Slack, “It was ok, but only ok.”

A request for comment was not answered by a representative of Amazon. The representative for OpenAI advised anyone with inquiries about ChatGPT’s data and privacy rules to see its FAQ website.

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