Former Mercedes Benz designer is hired by Samsung to create classier smartphones

Former Mercedes Benz designer is hired by Samsung to create classier smartphones

In order to implement a new design strategy for smartphones, Samsung has hired a new chief designer who formerly worked for Mercedes-Benz in China and the US.

Details about a Former Mercedes Benz designer is hired by Samsung to create classier smartphones.

Hubert H. Lee, who will work on major products like the Galaxy S series, has been appointed design leader for the mobile business of the South Korean firm. According to a statement from Samsung, “His singular and imaginative viewpoint will help shape the appearance and feel of Galaxy, expanding on the distinctive design ethos that users know and love.”

Lee will be responsible for leading the Mobile Experience (MX) design team and creating successful products for Samsung. However, it will take some time before his revisions and suggestions are included in the company’s goods. Lee contributes his high-end expertise from Mercedes-Benz, where he has been offering the manufacturer design feedback.

Having someone of that calibre on board is positive for Samsung since it should help the business to revamp its design philosophy and compete with industry titans like Apple in the smartphone market.

The company’s newest Galaxy S flagship phones are expected to be unveiled next month and based on numerous reports, the phone’s design is identical to that of its forerunner. Similar to how the Galaxy S24 line-up might continue the same basic aesthetic, but with Lee beginning to add his own flair to the gadgets.

Since Jony Ive was a key component in the creation of many Apple products over the years, the Cupertino-based company’s product designs have become somewhat bland as a result of his departure. Lee may also contribute to the development of devices other than smartphones, something Samsung will be hoping for in light of the wearables market’s recent explosive growth.

Samsung’s mobile division is preparing for some significant changes. Recently, it was announced that the Exynos team would be disbanded and a completely new mobile chip would be developed by a reorganized group of experts.

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