Girl from Uttar Pradesh Wants to Kill Her Brother for Preventing her From Creating Instagram Videos

Girl from Uttar Pradesh Wants to Kill Her Brother

In the Astabal Tarai neighborhood of Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, a 24-year-old woman is accused of attacking her two younger brothers and even attempting to strangle one of them after they objected to her making reels of herself for Instagram on Sunday. The girl was detained and put in jail after her brothers complained, which led to her detention.

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She created a high-voltage scene on Sunday when the police arrested her and brought her to the Maudarwaja police station, manhandling the four female constables and even tearing their uniforms. The girl misbehaved with the station supervisor as well.

Together with his older brother Jaikishan Rajput, Akash Rajput went to the Mau Darwaza police station and filed a complaint, alleging that on Sunday, Aarti attempted to strangle him to death.

In his FIR, Akash said that his sister Aarti had a problem with creating reels (short movies) and posting them to Instagram. But lately, his sister has gone crazy and posted stupid movies, which has led to him and his sister being teased by his peers.

This infuriated Akash, and on Sunday when he protested with his sister about making the reels, she severely beat him and even attempted to strangle him to death. She also attacked his brother Jaikishan when he intervened to save him.

Akash reported his sister’s strange behavior to the police, saying that she even did not spare her father Badam Singh. Aarti was subsequently brought to the police station by a female constable and a home guard, who was dispatched by the station in charge Amod Kumar Singh.

She caused a scene when they arrived at the police station with Aarti, and when she saw her brother Akash there, she attempted to attack him once more. She also mistreated the female constables who tried to intercede and calm her down.

She is the subject of two cases, according to Inspector Amod Kumar Singh. Two cases have been filed: one for second-degree assault on a female constable, tearing her uniform, and impeding government work; the other for section 307 (attempt to murder). On Monday, Aarti was detained and imprisoned,” Singh continued.

The investigator added that Aarti’s relatives claimed she was abandoning her family because of her addiction to the program. Her brothers attempted to stop her from using the app when she went too far while using it. They asserted that Aarti refused to do so and that on Sunday, she went too far when she attempted to kill her brother.

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