Odisha Would Get 5G in the Initial Rollout, According to Telecom Minister Vaishnaw

Odisha Would Get 5G

Odisha would receive 5G connectivity with other cities in the initial phase of its launch, according to Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.

Details on Odisha would Get 5G in the Initial Rollout

In the initial phase, 5G telecom service would be available in Odisha. He said this while speaking on the sidelines of a function here. Users will receive 10 times the speed of 4G.

In the early phase, 5G telecom service is anticipated to be available in about 13 cities nationwide.

Vaishnaw also batted down concerns about how 5G will affect radiation levels. According to him, the radiation from 5G is far lower than what the WHO recommends.

The minister stated that the Center has requested telecom carriers to raise the caliber of their service during an interactive session with students.

He said that IIT-Madras has created a 5G lab.

Additionally, Vaishnaw stated that by 2023, India plans to construct hydrogen-powered trains.

Through its Gati Shakti strategy, the Railways is attempting to connect the country’s rural and disconnected places, and work on this is moving quickly, he noted.

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